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Stopping the Medications

by Tj Smith
(Costa Mesa, CA USA)

I just turned 64 in June 2016 (64 – boy that’s a number isn’t it?)

August 2015, I was dribbling, i.e., I was not PEEING as well as I thought I should be. I would listen to my wife at that time go to the restroom and say to myself, “Gosh she has a strong urine flow – what’s MY problem”? (Yeah I broke off that lousy relationship – 14 yrs of ugh)

Anyway, urinating became more difficult, until a couple days I just wasn’t feeling that well (like I’d been run over by a truck). It seems slowing process of urination is a gradual thing that we really don’t notice until it’s too late. (Silence like a cancer grows ~ Paul Simon).

To make a long story short I ended up in the hospital with a bladder infection and a catheter in me for 4 days. They fed me antibiotics and FLOWMAX and FINASTERIDE which I religiously take for liking to PEE and not wanting another catheter ordeal.

But I don’t like the side effects – Hair growth from FINASTERIDE may be a plus but the lack of sexual appetite, retrograde ejaculation, etc. SUCKS – I love(d) SEX! Became so damn depressed they then put me on ZOLOFT.

Now I want to quit them all – Zoloft is easy, I only take 50mg , but I’m not sure how or when to stop 5Mg Finasteride and .4 Mg Tamsulosin (flomax)

What a pickle – Anyone achieve stopping those meds successfully and now happily peeing and enjoying a healthy new found ejaculation after following the guidelines in the book for any length of time?

I just bought my copy and I plan to be following its advice.

Thank you for your input!

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