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stomach problems from prostate massager?

by Dan

Hi my question is i used the ververs prostate massager for first time i was hable to get in i tryed diferent movements was'nt able to get a good result but..and next morning i wake up my stomach is all messed up couldn't burp couldn't fart and has been almost 2 weeks and im still feeling discomfort and my digestive system is not to good..could this be caused by using the prostate massager? Thank you appreciate any feedback and recommendations.


Ron here...
Hard to imagine a connection between prostate massage and stomach problems. Most likely a coincidence, unless your massage was very vigorous and hurt your rectum... but still that is far from your stomach.

Go see a doctor if it persists. Drink more water in the meantime; eat very high quality food including natural sauerkraut and miso.

Comments for stomach problems from prostate massager?

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Mar 30, 2016
rectum pain/ etc
by: juiced

coconut/soild- oil is the trick to reduce infection and swelling of the anus,, trust me!

Oct 10, 2015 NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the read.essay writers
Honestly you covered the topic and broadly examined all

Jul 02, 2015

by: Ron

Ron here...

Sounds like you have health issues as most of us do!

Best to start educating yourself about your health.

I would suggest one of my books.

Jun 29, 2015
anus swaleen shut
by: Dan

Hi Ron dan here! question is I used aneros prostate massager and next morning my anus was swollen I was having a hard time passing gas even,and my lower part of inesteings were hurting as if I had not eaten in a few days a lot of discomfort in my intestins this is the second time I try it with diferent massagers but is the same symtoms I dnt know if im allergyc to the lube or what I used diferent lube each time both water base has anybody had the same reaction to massagers and or lube and how they dealt with the situacion?

May 24, 2015
Stomach problem
by: Rana Nizami

Hi Dan, Well if you can take Nux. Vomica. 3x 5 globules after breakfast and 5 globules after lunch you stomach problem will be gone, please stop taking it once you feel you are fine and if your prostate enlarged you may also take Berberis Vul. 30 5 drops after breakfast and Sabal Surrlata 30 5 drops after lunch for 1 month.Please not these are all Homeopathy remedy and does not have any side effects you may check online for side effects and order online from anywhere or buy them from your nearest location.

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