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Spasms from catheter insertion

by Wayne

Hi Ron
It certainly is preferable to go down the catheter route. That is why your ebook is so valuable. Due to a enlarged prostate-quite large- forget the numbers- urine was backing up.My belly right side had been sensitive but there was no pain. Bloods were taken for psa which was 7 but creatine was 175. 3 days later with draining from catheter is down to 138. Ron what were your creatine readings if I might ask? Any signs of kidney stress? Urine backing up?
One last question. 4 days catheter has heen in and I am experiencing painful spasms. Would this be my enlarged prostate reacting or bladder? It seems as if there is the urge to urinate normally but little seems to happen
PS Although originally attracted to PAE but told it was crap by my urologist who is Turp exponent with around 3000 ops to his name your comments about PAE for you made a lot of sense.


Ron here...

Never did creatine tests.
These are medical questions and I am not fit to answer those around your spasms. The question is why are they leaving your catheter in for so long?

Can they remove it and see if you can urinate without it?

Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) was one of my biggest mistakes. Reduced blood flow may help some men in short term but long term not being able to flush the prostate could be more problematic. For me it made it impossible to respond to the 3D Clinic's non-invasive procedures because I could not remove debris because of lack of blood flow.

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