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sonic prostate massager

by Graham
(Thatcham UK)

I have been using a sonic massager for about three weeks now (about nine sessions). I have pain in my stomach, groin, and back since using it. I have an enlarged prostate by the way, but no sign of infection or cancer according to my urologist. I have been inserting the device about 3 inches into my rectum--can't actually feel if it's touching my prostate--and have only been moving it gently around as instructed. Do you think the pain I have been feeling is a result of using the massager? I am tempted not to use it for a while. I would be most grateful for any advice. Thank you. Graham


Ron here...

Of course you should stop if you have any inclination that your discomfort may be caused by it. Always trust your gut feeling.

Many things can cause your symptoms from diet to exercise as well. Certainly if you still feel your symptoms, get yourself checked out by your doctor or naturopath.

No product, device, food or supplement is good for everyone. We are all so unique.

My book The Prostate Health Diet gives you techniques to check your personal bio-compatibility with any of those. I call it personal testing. It will help you learn what works best for you.

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