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Hey Guys Look... It's The Prostate

by Terry

Explaination of this MALE problem sometimes gets too clinical, less understandable. Seldom do doctors and specialists discuss anything about Preventative Maintenance of the prostate, and too many times it is totally about the END of man’s chance for a continued life. So I wrote the following, to help MEN understand what the big deal is … in man’s terms.

Hey guys look… It’s the Prostate;
As man ages, he acquires a condition humorously called, “Love Handles.” That weight doesn’t just hang over his belt line; the rest of it compresses his inner organs… one of which, is his very manhood enabling, Prostate Gland!
Have you ever lain on your arm and felt the tingling sensation?
ALARM!! You’ve just cut off your blood circulation!
Well, his prostate, and other inner organs don’t have one of those alarms… they just stop functioning as well, go sour, he has trouble urinating, has ED problems, and a good wife pushes him out the door to the doctor.
What happened?
Fat and unexpended semen can become trapped, within the many crevices of the interior of the Prostate. Stagnation, via pressure (those love handles?), decrease of use (around age 45-50) and lack of functionality (oxygen rich, disease fighting blood slowed to a trickle, too much weight on a walnut sized organ?), causes decay of the organic matter trapped inside the prostate; decaying organic matter (like spoiling milk, another organic substance) creates bacteria; that active bacteria begets infection inside the prostate… and now MAN has a big problem!
The UGGHHH!! Factor: Yes doctor, a lot of MEN see ‘IT’ this way;
The Doctor makes him bend over a table (nothing to protect/cover his manly pride), pokes a finger in the private recesses of man (DRE), diagnoses it as BPH or BPE… but there’s not a medical procedure to help make the prostate continue to function, short of dangerous and poisonous chemicals (proven to “sometimes” do more damage than good) so the doctor tells the man, they are going to be “Watchfully Waiting”. (until the prostate goes bad enough for a profit)
The “mind’s eye” of man… is how man sees things… not how the doctor or medical staff person feels, about how he is seen… by them.
(Oh yes I do know what women have gone through medically, for eons… We’re not in that zone… yet)

BE SURE YOU READ all about Prostate Biopsies, the FACT that it’s only 23% reliable (77% unreliable), that it causes as much damage to the prostate (If not more) than it detects, that if the Pathologist didn’t find anything… doesn’t mean that nothing was there… they only sampled 1% of the prostate. So sometimes nothing is better… than paying thousands and getting nothing… but MORE PAIN!

Many men will wait till the end of Fourth Quarter, the two minute warning has sounded, all time outs are exhausted, and the wife throws a flag on the field… Motioning a preemptive foul, for delay of health care (if she the type that wants to keep him around for a while longer) to do anything about something this personal. Many men (like myself) find it hard to request someone, poke around into man’s inner sanctions. We can submit, if demanded by the doctor, and insurance companies (and sometimes by the wife), but there is that ever darkening cloud, that forms over the field, making us wait till something is actually wrong (One doesn’t fix, what ain’t broke!), and then we must act… why the cloud? The mental envisionment of ugliness… the dropping of one’s protective covering, bending submissively over and grabbing ankles, or surrendering ones manliness, bent nakedly over a table etc; OH how the darkness hangs over that sight! All that stress for a millisecond’s poke in the anus, and for nothing to be found… really… the doctor (when it’s just protocol) is just as distraught (in some instances) as the man being POKED!

BPH care: Explained in a “motor heads” terms:
For BPH… it cannot be prevented (so I’m told)… but can be maintained, less stressfully at home IF and WHEN, it can be seen in a different light! (Before the need for poisonous chemicals, infectious needles, or the slice and dice of the surgeon’s knife)
Make it seen to be, HEALTHY, less stressful and LESS NASTY!

Prostate massage is to the male system, what the oil pump is to the motor; keeping fluids circulating and “the man” fully functioning (addressed to: a sedentary male’s stressed and compressed, internal glands and organs. Lay on your arm or leg in the wrong way for a couple minutes... Tingling? The Prostate and other inner organs cannot warn of this loss in blood circulation!)
“Hey, I’ll change the oil when it goes bad.” thoughts are fine for cars, not the male reproductive system.

Unlike the spark plug for your auto – When the prostate goes bad, you cannot just replace it – SO -
• The motor (his health) runs sluggish for a while (E.D… ugh, Stress),
• Misfires a few times (urinary problems arise, and other things won’t… UGH! more stress)
• And the wife soon finds herself out looking for a new car (because he’s fatally stressed OUT!).
So… before that happens, let’s take virtual “him” to the virtual garage for a moment…

• Massaging his prostate (like changing his oil) works stale semen out of the prostate, BEFORE it goes sour (most all organic matter decays (goes sour); decaying organic matter attracts bacteria, which create infections… and THAT is where the prostate begins to go, really bad)
• Get him to take lots of fluids (Some Urologists’ suggest 6 cups of coffee a day) because frequent urination keeps his radiator flushed…
• Massaging his prostate works oxygen rich, disease fighting blood through his lower GI’s, acting like transmission fluid, keeping him shifting smoothly…
• Along with the transmission fluid, oil needs to flow efficiently in order to maintain peak performance.
• AND… Like the man working on his car, his wife’s not just toying with him – her “SHOP” might be in the bed or bath – she is, none the less, giving her man a PM/Tune-up.

If She had been “his shade tree mechanic” all this time; he might not have fatally Stressed OUT… She wouldn’t need to get on the “dating thing” to find a new motor.
How many women, that lost a good man to prostate related problems, MIGHT have tried this Prostate Massage routine (albeit, a bit risqué), to have kept him with her?
You cannot just “rub it out”, once the prostate becomes cancerous... It’s Too Late!

More comments from… ME.

A drawback to getting men to allow such medical intrusion, to the protected portals of male prominence is… some of the Urological Profession’s own advertising, insulting “The MAN’s” pride and dignity; it is self defeating (some billboards/advertisements I have seen saying, “thousands will die for being stubborn!”). Man is not drawn to surrender! Urology Groups need improve their procedures; at the very least, making themselves appear to have a greater image of masculine care and concern… less damning to Male Modesty, Man’s dignity, his Honor and Morals. The “mind’s eye” of man… is how man sees things… not how the doctor (nurse) or medical staff person feels, about how he is seen… by them. again “Matters not, what nakedness you (the medical professional) are accustomed to seeing – I’m not accustomed to being!” It’s a; “catch more flies with honey” situation.

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