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Is prostate massage bad for the liver?

by Alberto
(Guatemala, Guatemala)

The veins in the anus go directly to the liver, and my concern is that when using a device like the aneros massager, which is made of plastic, could have some impact on the liver function.

I personally find prostate massaging using this device to be very relaxing and mind blowing when it is carried to the point of ejaculation. It just enhances the outcome to very high levels.

I have always been a very low appetite individual, and have noticed that when using this device to the point of ejaculation, my appetite will be suppressed even more, sometimes for several days. I would like to hear your comments.

Thank you


Ron here...

It could be that you are ejaculating too frequently. I think as we get older our frequency needs to decline so we do not weaken our system. I will ask my Chinese doctor what he thinks but he has said for me once a week and I am now in my 70th year... which could mean then if in your sixties once every 6 days, fifties once every 5 days, etc.

The reason is that more often can cause overall weakening of the body and especially the prostate.

Now, can prostate massage with the aneros massager impact your liver? That to me would be a stretch!

Comments for Is prostate massage bad for the liver?

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Sep 24, 2017
prostate orgasm
by: Nate

To me prostate orgasm means there is no ejaculation .My longest ever was 13 minutes of intense pleasure with the aneros maximus model.

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