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prostate non-erect ejaculation... is it sperm?

by katt

I'm in the course of semen retention. I have recently massaged my prostate... I was not at all erect but feeling relaxed(surrendered) while doing this.. At a point something like 2,3 drops of sperm came out of my penis.. This is undesirable for me bcoz I'm in seminal retention period. I don't want to ejaculate. My question is... Is it the same sperm comes out when we have sex.or it is simply a waste residue in the prostate which has released by massaging....??


Ron here...

It is not sperm from the testicles which requires an erection to release. It is prostate fluids which can be released from a non erect penis. It is one of the benefits of prostate massage as it releases toxins from the prostate.

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Jul 02, 2015

by: Ronald M

The amount of fluid released during a prostate massage with a non erect penis depends on the health of your prostate, and our individuality.

Prostate massage should be done if desired once or twice a week.

I would use the sonic prostate massager I describe on my pages.

May 26, 2015
Thank you very much Ron.
by: katt

I have a doubt if I massage it regularly would I release same liquid everyday?? How frequently should I do it?? Thank you.

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