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pelvic area, groin , premium pain

by mp
(chennai, india)

I am 43 year old. My problem started when I was 28 I had hematuria,cause of which was Identified as prostatitis. I had to be on antibiotics for4 to 7 weeks. After that episode I normally have prostatitis episodes every 2-3 years, once in a year....sometimes with bacteria ...sometimes no bacteria. During all these episodes I have pain around pelvic region...mostly perineum...going up to testes.....groin. Pain is there in my thigh , calf and hip muscle also. Doctors treated me with Antibiotics ... Antidepressants..and pain killers.
To this year it happen twice in one year. Similar symptoms of pain. Doctors said if this time culture is negative..I should try prostate massage as I may have chronic prostatitis.
Need your advice and suggestion on problems. Currently I have following symptoms ..
I have pain around pelvic region...mostly perineum...going up to testes.....groin. Pain is there in my thigh , calf and hip muscle also. Makes me very weak..but no burning stopping or urine or semen. No rushing for to stop it also.Erection normal.

Ron here...

Prostatitis is a challenge as you so aptly experience! I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. What I can share is what I would do for me.

The first thing to look at is diet as diet in the broad sense of the word creates the host conditions in the body. Poor diet can lead to inflammation and toxicity. If you are in India then it may be likely that you are vegetarian. That diet has many potential risks. If not then there is still so much to learn about how to optimize your diet for your unique body. For that info I suggest my diet book.

You will need to examine your food, your sources for that food, your water and your lifestyle. All these have a profound affect on us.

If you use a bicycle make sure you use a special prostate seat especially since the perineum area is easily hurt by a bike seat.

Prostate massage can help if done very gently and under the watch of your doctor. Start with once or twice a week to see how it does.

Cleansing the body with liver cleanse could be very useful for you. Read this book. Toxins in your body accumulate over decades and we pay the price in declining health. Your stools need to be well formed banana-shaped and only mildly but not unpleasantly odoured.

Hope this helps.

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