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Just wondering..

by M

Hi I recently had my prostate massaged. I was told that if you milked your prostate you can increase your fertility? Also when I was milked I ejaculated a lot more than normal (I was also masturbating at the same time, I hope that didn't affect the process) the fluid was milky white and chunky but it also had a lot of water based fluid around it, is that normal? Did I do it right?


Ron here...

Yes just fine indeed.
As to fertility, the sperm itself makes up a very small percent of the semen and many factors affect your sperm quality:

• your diet has a huge impact
• your exposure to EMFs especially if you carry your cellphone in your pocket
• your exposure to toxins of all kinds

You can read more in my books.

Comments for Just wondering..

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Jul 27, 2015
prostate orgasm
by: Anonymous

I just have to share that I just experienced over an hour of intense pleasure with my aneros progasm.I did not ejaculate but had a steady drip of prostate fluid.Each round of pleasure started with anal orgasms that felt like little bolts of electicity that moved through my penis which was semi-erect. Praise to our wonderfull Creator.

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