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Internal scarring and inflammation and their effect on urinary performance

by Quarry


I consulted a homeopathic doctor with 40 years experience about reducing my prostate volume in the hope of ending my dependency on a catheter. He surprised me by saying that reversing BPH with homeopathy is reasonably straightforward unless there are complications (which can be treated).

He didn't give me any medicine for this immediately. He explained that the catheter itself can cause significant inflammation and scarring. Indeed, inserting a catheter can cause scarring the length of the urethra as well as inflammation. He also said that inflammation from the catheter can cause the bladder to lose its flexibility as well as scar the bladder.

So he said the first priority before any prostate-shrinking medicine is prescribed is to treat the inflammation and scarring, as these issues alone can cause urinary retention. He said he has cured urinary problems just by treating the scarring and inflammation.

This makes a lot of sense. The bladder and urethra were not designed to be penetrated by a stiff and hard plastic tube much thicker than the urethra itself, plus the flange at the top and the balloon. Our internal organs are soft and defenceless. It is typical of mainstream medicine to turn a blind eye to the damaging effects of its own (sometimes necessary) solutions to acute conditions.

I believe you have explained that you were unable to benefit fully from the 3D Clinic's treatment because a previous PAE procedure left you with some internal scarring. Apparently homeopathy has medicine which can dissolve internal scarring and inflammation.

You mentioned that you have tried homeopathy. But it is likely that not all homeopathic doctors are identical, just as mainstream doctors vary in their knowledge, skill, and experience. There are even two quite different types of homeopathy.


Ron here....

Well this is good news for you. Please let me know how it goes. If this homeopathic doctor is successful with you that would be wonderful.

I have a consultation with one soon because I do agree that not all doctors are equal.

By the way using factory lubricated catheters does help minimize the inflammation. But a long term foley cannot be an ideal solution.

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