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How to cure an overactive bladder due to a very large prostate

by Fayad Dean
(Chaguanas,Trinidad, West I ndies)

Hello Ron,

I need help very fast to stop an overactive bladder due to BPH.

I have peed a total of thirty times for today with intense burning, lower back pain and total exhaustion due to no sleep.I used adult diapers for the very first time in my life at the young age of 58.

I am using D-Mannose 500mg, Flowmax,Saw Palmetto,Pumpkin Seed Oil and Olive Leaf extract.

My life is in limbo and also my health.

Your knowledgeable guidance shall be greatly appreciated.




Ron here...

The lower back pain could simply be your kidneys hurting or something else. Have you seen a doctor?

Have you read my book on Healthy Prostate as this is not a quick and easy answer!

You are certainly having an intense reaction to your inputs. Until you know how to personally test for bio-compatibility any of your above described items could be triggering a response.

Just this morning I re-tested some supplements I had taken for a short while and then had to stop as they were no longer positive for me, causing an increase in urination frequency. So this morning the Vit C, Iron, and a thyroid supp still test NO. It matters not what the wonderful profile of a medication, supplement, herb, food, or superfood is. The only thing that matters is your body's response to it.

For now stop all those supplements and meds until you can test them. When it comes to food, there are so many even "the best ones" that can cause an almost allergic like reaction in the prostate. This changes over time.

Please start to educate yourself on this.

I may get the time to post an article on testing later but even so if you want to use non medical ways you must learn and become your own doctor. It is not for everyone.

Comments for How to cure an overactive bladder due to a very large prostate

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Apr 01, 2016
first time reader
by: grog68

I have yet to try prostate massage, but I can say, that in my case, the lower back pain can be helped with a chiropractor adjustment of the spinal section that controls kidney, bladder and prostate function. My urinary frequency and urgency are helped tremendously at the same time. The chiropractor was the one who recommended prostate massage.
Also, there is an excellent book called Dr Mandell's 5-Day Allergy Relief System that teaches how to test yourself for food and substance intolerance.

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