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First of a number of questions/comments: Is mild nocturia evidence of good urinary system health or BPH?

I subscribed to your newsletter but have never received any news.

I would like to thank you for your very helpful, indeed profound, knowledge of BPH, which is much greater than any mainstream doctor has. I was recently taken by surprise with a severe episode of urinary retention, which I had been previously ignorant of. I was seen by 9 doctors altogether. I told them that the cause was not particularly BPH (59ml/g a week after the attack and while still catheterised), which I had successfully controlled the symptoms of through diet and exercise, but that I had eaten an abnormal amount of watermelon, which normally predictably causes extreme but also controllable symptoms in me (but never before so extreme as urinary retention requiring hospitalisation and catheterisation after that day eating 3/4 of a medium-sized watermelon at the wrong time of day and without exercising that day).

All the doctors except one, who had a bit of humility (or tact), thought I was crazily vexatious for ignorantly presuming to inform them of my own explanation of the cause, and for bringing something as outlandish as watermelon into the picture, just because it wasn't on their med school curriculum. Their medical training had greatly simplified their ability to understand: Urinary retention is caused by BPH. The cure for BPH is TURP. End of story.

Your own experience that specific foods/supplements can randomly trigger immediate swelling of the prostate in an allergy-like attack has been very helpful to my self-confidence in validating my own experience and my understanding of my experiences. I am also grateful to you for validating my own mind-bending experience of finding that recognized herbal cures for BPH, such as nettles, actually temporarily caused in me the symptoms of BPH I had never had before.

And I am also grateful for your own validating observations that stress can trigger a prostate crisis, because it has become obvious to me that psychology plays a major role in the manifestations of symptoms, often comically and trivially so, as I have found. I have been aware all my life that emotions of fear/anxiety could be felt like a bell ringing in my prostate. And I didn't even know there was such a thing as a prostate until 2002 when I was diagnosed with medium-aggressive, symptom-less prostate cancer. I just knew that the dissonant ringing was felt in the lower abdomen where I later learned the prostate was exactly located. When I mentioned the psychosomatic component of symptom manifestations to these doctors they were equally contemptuously dismissive.

Thank you.

I found your website in frantically looking for a natural alternative to TURP surgery. I also came across a simple, cheap device invented by a Russian doctor which according to a study peer-reviewed and published in multiple medical journals significantly shrinks enlarged prostates within 3-6 months, based on stabilizing prostate temperature from fluctuations. Are you aware of this technology?

While catheterized recently, I has a handy measure every morning upon waking (and I am an early riser) of the amount of urine which would have collected in my bladder if it hadn't gone through to the urine bag. The volumes ranged from a puzzling 200ml to an equally puzzling 1,200ml, with the typical overnight volume for most nights being 600ml to 700ml. Apparently a bladder holds from 400ml to 600ml. Assuming that my bladder is average (500ml), then I would have to get up in the night, or, more specifically in my case, an hour or two before the time I would like to get up in the morning, to expel urine from a bladder becoming over-full.

Yet getting up sometime in the night to urinate is interpreted as an undesirable symptom of BPH. But now that I know how much urine is entering the bladder during the night, it would appear that my need to empty the bladder one or two hours before my ideal waking time is just my urinary system doing its job properly and working well. It would (presumably) be harmful or impossible to store 700ml-1,200ml of urine in a bladder with a capacity of 400ml-600ml.

If my simple math and its interpretation is right, then mild nocturia perhaps has some other cause which hasn't been examined or recognized by medical science.

For example, perhaps as we age it takes longer for the ageing body to trickle its waste fluids into the kidneys, and/or longer for the kidneys to process these fluid wastes into the bladder. So fluid wastes which might have been processed more efficiently when younger and expelled before bedtime work their way through the system on a delay, causing nocturia. This is, of course, just a stab at trying to explain something which appears to need further explanation.

I would value your comment on what seems to be an open-and-shut case of urinary system HEALTH in voiding urine during the night to avoid overloading a bladder which doesn't have enough volume to store all of the urine processed during sleep, particular towards the end of the night.

Also, how much does the Chinese treatment cost on average? Or is this some sort of secret you do not feel is your role to divulge?


Ron here...

Thanks for your kind comments about my site.

The bladder volume depends on the person... some can hold comfortably as much a s 1000ml or more and some less than 400ml... so there is no standard as far as I know.

As we get older because of so many stress and dietary factors and food reactions, our kidney bladder prostate meridian gets weaker causing nocturia (waking at night o pee).

If this starts increasing to several times the most likely reason is a bladder infection or an enlarged prostate or other prostate condition.

Yes we all have food sensitivities; most people are unaware of that. Learn to personally test as described on the site or my books and you will be able to avoid most cases by testing before consumption, and thus avoiding your culprits.

Anything no matter how "healthy" with great "science" about it can cause severe reactions and in some men complete urinary retention. Learning how to self-catheterize is much better than a hospital visit.

The more I understand from the 3DClinic in China, is that the line between the prostate conditions is not as defined as western med seems to explain.

Prostatitis infections can cause pain and can lead to BPH... so in effect you have 2 conditions going on.

The cost of the 3D clinic is easy to find out... just write them but it is expensive as it requires treatment 6 days a week for weeks... it depends too on the severity of the condition and which doctor after your initial evaluation and testing would have to treat you.

Just go here and write them for more details:

3D Prostate testing

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