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enlarged prostate at 31cc

by sakr

I'm 49 yo. My prostate is enlarged at 31cc. Ejaculation has become unpleasant. Urinary frequency is also a symptom. What is this?


Ron here:

Must be a combination of enlarged prostate and perhaps prostatitis which is an infection inside the prostate which can cause painful ejaculation.

Best to have it checked out. If you can afford it then this is the best urologist in the world in my opinion:

3D Prostate Clinic

Comments for enlarged prostate at 31cc

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Jan 20, 2017
hydrogen peroxide
by: Anonymous

Would like to know more about using hydrogen
peroxide for BPH as the warnings on my bootle
state for external use but yet it says can
use as a gargle?? Louie


Ron here...

I often gargle and rinse my mouth with it... no problem.

May 15, 2016
I'm 59, Not the 71 the Calendar says!
by: Anonymous

For profit lethal meds "doctors," aka snake oil sales pitchers, tell me I'm a doomed man with all the symptoms of death in my prostate! Well, I'd love to see their results from taking this lengthy real age exam!

rntly I also discovered a long article on years' research using marijuana oil to reverse prostate and many other organ diseases.

Just today, I wanted to compare hyperbaric oxygen treatment with simple ingestion of hydrogen peroxide to see if there is cause to prefer the high costs of hyperbaric therapy.

There is all indications that hydrogen peroxide is better!

In fact, that research is at the same site as the real age exam.

The advocates for using "weed" oil to reverse organ damage may be somewhat biased because the crowd that rants and raves on and on about the great cure all pot is supposed to be, merely want to maintain their weed addiction.

Last month I searched for the best omega 3 oil to reverse high omega 6 fatty acids in the body. That turned up a single source of a very effective pain relieving omega 3 found in the Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand. I discovered that there are few regulated producer of this nutrient, and only one that adheres to the most effective extraction and highest dose per unit on the market.

It's "Tripernol." On Amazon a reviewer was lamenting that the supplier he bought from no longer carried it and a substitute was not so effective. After a bit of search, I found the manufacturer and a U.S. retailer, and bought a 60 capsule supply.

In three days of just the two capsule daily dose, my penis pain is nearly gone. We'll see if the prostate swelling reduction I have seen now for nearly two months accelerates.

One thing I am very thankful for is my years of soaking my mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide, which gave me 100% zero mouth sores and zero colds and flu, and zero internal disease for the past 6 years.

The H2O2 study site clearly details the effects of free, pure oxygen carried by the blood plasma into all the most difficult places for oxygen to nurture the cells that need pure oxygen constantly for health.

Take the real age exam! Then go ask M.D.s to take it!


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