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Decision time in terms of health for BPH

by Antoni
( Uruguay)

Hi Ron,

It's a pleasure to write to a professional who has done so much research on the prostate. With great interest I´ve been reading several of the compelling comments on this blog. I am writing to you from Uruguay to consult you about kidney and prostate operations.

According to studies carried out, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance, I have a right kidney tumor, possibly cancerous, in the middle third, anterior, intraparenchymal and external valve sector. It is not angiomyolipoma since it is not a fatty formation. It was first seen in an ultrasound on July 17, 2014 when it measured 9.5 mm. According to the latest ultrasound on 23-7-2020, it measures 28 mm in its larger diameter.

As for the prostate, they told me it is BPH.
It measures 56x61x47 (L, T, AP respectively) and weighs 86 grams. I have been with a catheter since July of last year due to urinary retention.

I contacted Dr. Song´s clinic but due to Covid-19 they´re not receiving foreigners for the moment due to an urban policy.

I am writing to you, because your opinion interests me a lot, to see if I have any option that is as natural as possible. I remain at your disposal in case you need more information about both topics.



Ron here...

So sorry to hear about your health challenges. No fun at all.

I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice.

Prostate Artery Embolization is minimally invasive but I did not have any positive effects over time.

In fact according to Dr Song of 3D Clinic, it prevented me from discharging particles from his treatment because the blood flow to my prostate was so reduced.

Even though PAE is now widely available, I do not know if there are other complications that could arise from its educed blood flow to remove possible toxins from the prostate that could accumulate over time. In summary, knowing what I know now I would not do Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE).

Perhaps the least harmful alternative is Rezum that uses water vapor to remove some BPH tissues:

I cannot speak from experience as I never did it.

I do not know if it is available in your country.

Wishing you success overcoming your health challenges.

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Nov 24, 2020
Rezum for catheter dependent BPH
by: Anonymous

here is a link to a study that involved Rezum for catheter dependent BPH:

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