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Could there be viable American alternatives to 3D Clinic?

by Quarry


China is a long way away, and they speak a different language, the 3D Clinic is very expensive, and the success rate there is not clear. Have you or any of your readers considered trying the brilliant, innovative doctors America has?

It is estimated that medical knowledge is doubling every two years. Even if Dr. Song is the brilliantly innovative doctor you trust him to be, medical knowledge and insights and innovations are practically infinite. No one doctor, however brilliant, is capable of encompassing all the causes of prostate disease, or innovating all the necessary remedies for all the various causes.

For example, according to the very brilliant and very innovative Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who has clinics in four countries (including Washington state), all disease conditions have an underlying basis in Lyme Disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and therefore BPH too. All breast cancer patients have been found to have Lyme Disease. As breast cancer is the female version of prostate cancer, and prostate cancer and BPH share the same symptoms, this should be of interest.

Most doctors are Lyme illiterate. Lyme Disease is caused by the bite of any insect, including pet dog and cat fleas. It is spread through the population worldwide, although most people don’t get sick from hosting the pathogen. The disease is incredibly variable, and the pathogens hide outside the blood stream. The mainstream medicine test for Lyme is a blood test. The Lyme pathogens can be routed into the bloodstream by agitating them with ultrasound. They can also be baited into the blood stream with hyaluronic acid, which is a tempting food source for the Lyme pathogens.

Dr. Klinghardt’s clinic treats all difficult chronic diseases with a vast arsenal of diagnostics and remedies in five different dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual, energy/electrical, and intuitional. After 30 years of trying detox methods, he’s found the best to be cilantro tincture before meals, and ionic footbaths. Superficially, this sounds a lot cheaper and more comfortable than 3D’s needles at $50,000.

Currently I am tuning into a medical conference on Lyme Disease, which is free on the internet, although coming to an end in a day or two. If you are interested, you can register on the internet at Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2. There are about 5 daily talks for about 7 days. At the end of these internet medical conferences, there is usually an “encore day” when you can choose any of the talks to listen to for 24 hours. Besides Dr. Klinghardt, two other brilliant speakers I’ve heard so far are Dr. David Jernigan and Dr. Dave Ou. You can also buy the whole set of talks.

I have been listening to lectures and interviews with brilliant American medical researchers and practitioners for many years. Although I’m still waiting for one of these holistic medicine conferences on the prostate, I believe there may be a better chance, or an equal chance, of finding a cure for BPH in America than in China, perhaps at a significantly lower cost, and with cheaper travel. One advantage of American medical practitioners is that their diagnostics and remedies are more openly declared. The entire scope of what these practitioners have to offer is available like a scientifically detailed restaurant menu.

In contrast, the 3D Clinic gives a general picture of what to expect, but there seems to be a strong element of the clinic’s innovations being trade secrets, which is not considered acceptable in western medicine. In western medicine, it is expected that innovations and breakthroughs will be shared and taught, so that all may benefit.

You might be particularly interested in Dr. Ou’s survey of interference fields. Scar tissue is a kind of interference field. You mentioned that 3D explained that it wasn’t successful in getting your prostate to drain because of your previous artery embolisation. I’m not really sure what that is, but it sounds like it has created an interference field, perhaps as with scar tissue.

If so, this would be a good point on which to compare 3D medicine with more collective holistic western medicine, which is not a one-man band like the 3D Clinic. In the 1920s German researchers discovered that they could instantly heal chronic conditions elsewhere in the body by injecting a painkiller into scar tissue.

Nowadays it is recognised that sticking needles in a vulnerable area is something to be avoided. What doctors do now is pass an electric current through the interference field. This could be generated by a Frequency Specific Microcurrent instrument or a TENS machine. With the FSM, each organ is known to have a specific electrical frequency, and each chronic disease is known to have a specific electrical frequency.

So the 3D Clinic has no solution for the interference field of scar tissue, but western functional medicine does. It can even work the other way: Fixing problems elsewhere in the body, particularly mouth cavitations, root canals, and amalgam fillings, can lead to healing elsewhere in the body.

I believe there are at least three clinics in the United States which would have a wider range of more sophisticated and less invasive diagnostics and remedies than at the 3D Clinic: Dr. Klinghardt’s Sophia Health Institute, Dr. Dave Ou’s Bridges to Health in Atlanta, and Dr. David Jernigan’s Hansa Center in Wichita. They all treat difficult chronic diseases, but none specialises in the prostate like the 3D Clinic. So I could of course be very wrong about this.

But medical research and practice is practically infinite. Concluding that the 3D Clinic is the only good option seems premature, and narrows options to one very far away and perhaps not altogether transparent place of hope for a medical condition which makes men helpless, particularly when, like me, it becomes impossible to urinate without being tethered to a catheter.

Dr. Jernigan has explained that some parts of the body influence other parts of the body in ways we would consider so random that we would never see an association. He gave the example of the condition of the liver affecting eyesight and eye health. When liver health is restored, then eyesight and eye health improve. I believe another connection he mentioned was between the kidneys and the knees. It would be interesting to know what other part of the body the prostate might be connected to. Dr. Jernigan has a BioResonance Scanner which he says can accurately find all subtle and serious medical problems in your body.

As with the critical accusations made about the 3D Clinic, by accident I found one non-specific, vague complaint against the Hansa Center being taken very serious by the state legal system. But this is an American tradition about a century old now. The most innovative medicine is considered to be a threat to the ruling medical system. Even doctors qualified to practice within the system are vulnerable to career destruction if they innovate. The government has currently been legally persecuting the brilliant Dr. Burzyinski just because his innovations are producing successes which no other doctor can match, and there is not a single patient to testify against him. Perhaps the Hansa Center is a hotbed of quackery, but the building is quite large. It is difficult to see how such a business could be built up on quackery in the US, particularly considering the one complaint against it is so vague.

Somewhere on the internet, Dr. Klinghardt is also accused by one person of being a quack, and Dr. Ou is given a low rating based on one clinical visit by one patient. Given that the American mainstream medical system kills 2 million people every decade, and medical error is officially the third leading cause of death in America (according to BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal but now an entrepreneurial business), it is unlikely that any medical practitioner is likely to be universally admired.

Ron here...

Some excellent info.

Yes it would be nice if a solution like the 3D Clinic could be found here in America. I know at some point the clinic will want to open a US location.

Comments for Could there be viable American alternatives to 3D Clinic?

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Mar 05, 2018

by: Ronald M

You are right about the difficulties in America. That's why Mexican clinics are still in Mexico.

Every body is unique. Collodial silver and different brands may work for some people but didn't for me.

Rosemary is an excellent herb, but many of these remedies may help in early stages but with advanced cancers or extremely enlarged prostates they may not be enough. That could be why many men get poor results from the highly promoted prostate supplements found today everywhere.

Jul 01, 2017
Two cheap, non-invasive alternative remedies for BPH
by: Quarry

Whoops missed this comment...



You mentioned that "at some point" the Chinese 3D Clinic would want to open a branch in America. From everything I know, that won’t be in our lifetime.

In American medicine over the past century, any medical innovation by a single unaffiliated doctor is assumed by the AMA and all the other authorities to be by definition suspect. If the innovation isn’t outright prohibited, expensive, double-blind, peer-reviewed scientific studies are required to prove that the medical innovation is safe and effective. The history of the past century shows that when the authorities arrange the studies, they deliberately sabotage the results to show failure.

American medical authorities will never allow one clinic to monopolise a type of treatment. Therefore 3D would need to be willing to demonstrate and train American doctors in the 3D techniques and protocols. 3D would lose its exclusivity, and would soon have dozens or hundreds of American competitors to its own techniques, who would not have the language and cultural barriers 3D would have in America. So there would be no point in 3D opening a clinic in America.

The way the American medical profession thinks, if some Chinese doctors sets up shop in America and claims to have a more effective way of treating BPH than TURP surgery, it makes all American doctors immediately look inferior and primitive and asleep on their feet. The AMA and its members would never accept that.

In my limited understanding, the 3D Clinic in China largely cures BPH by treating prostate infections, which then allows the prostate to spontaneously heal, a process which includes drainage and thus shrinkage. Are there any other ways of healing internal infections besides direct injection of herbs into the prostate in China?

Alternative and holistic western medicine claims to offer many such internal infection remedies. One of them is colloidal silver, which has a long and very good track record at healing difficult infections which persist, such as toenail infections.

The silver is usually taken orally, although it can also be applied topically. Silver Edge is one of many businesses selling a silver preparation maker, and on its website there is a section titled Colloidal Silver Success Stories. Way down the list is a testimonial from a man who cured his BPH symptoms with silver in two weeks. He details his daily dosages. Other success stories include healing from hopeless end-of-life cancer.

Every body is different, as you well know, Ron, and perhaps this remedy might work for some where other remedies haven’t. People make their own colloidal silver because it’s cheap. But some say it’s not nearly as effective as one particular brand of manufactured colloidal silver, Sovereign Silver, which offers nano-silver and positively charged particles for superior assimilation.

Another possible remedy for BPH: I just learned that rosemary effectively breaks down estrogen. No one seems to know exactly what role estrogen plays with BPH, but we do know that testosterone diminishes steadily in men with every passing year of age, and estrogen increases in men with every passing year, and that when these two trajectories on a graph start to cross over, BPH happens.

So rosemary might be a good supplement to take for BPH. You can also grow it readily and easily as a perennial herb (climate permitting). It’s also anti-carcinogenic, not surprisingly, since prostate cancer is categorized as a hormonal cancer. I’ve started to eat it fresh out of the garden, and it acts as an appetite suppressant, which suits me.

It suits me, because abdominal fat is the equivalent of having ovaries. The fat cells stimulate or generate estrogen.

Solaray makes a concentrated rosemary extract. Very cheap.

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