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Milking the prostate.

I have used a prostate massager to milk my prostate for sometime. To this day I do not have anything come out. So is this a good sign? I mean if nothing comes out then my prostate must be healthy and good shape. Right?


Ron here:

For some men nothing does come out while doing it. After some may come out mixed in with your urine when you urinate. A congested prostate can prevent fluids from releasing visibly.

If you ejaculate and fluids come out when you do then you are fine. Try adding sexual stimulation while doing your massage.

If not, then best to ask your urologist the question.

All this assumes you have not had any serious surgeries down there or take prostate meds.

Comments for Milking the prostate.

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Nov 29, 2015

by: Ronald M

If you want sexual pleasure then masturbate as usual while doing the prostate massage.

May 16, 2014
Sexual stimulation while massaging the prostate.
by: Anonymous

When you say sexual stimulation, do you mean masturbating while doing the massage? If so should the masturbation be done to the point of cumming or stopping before the ejaculation happens?

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