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Cystoscopy Procedure for Your Prostate

The urologist may insert a camera catheter, also known as a cystoscopy procedure, to do a prostate examination if they suspect a serious problem. 

Also known as a bladder scope, the camera allows the doctor to see the inside of the prostate and bladder. An enlarged prostate can cause problems in the bladder, and a cystoscopy procedure can enable your doctor to see what’s going on inside your prostate and bladder. 

This procedure enters not through the rear as in a normal DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) but the front — down the penis inside the urethra through the prostate gland and into the bladder. 

The cystoscope has lenses that allow your doctor to see inside the prostate, bladder and urinary tract. The images usually appear on a computer screen as she guides the scope.

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The cystoscope has lenses that allow your doctor to see inside the prostate, bladder and urinary tract. The images usually appear on a computer screen as she guides the scope. 

Cystoscopes come in different sizes: from the thickness of a pencil, to approximately 9mm (3/8") and have a light at the tip. Many cystoscopes have extra tubes to guide other instruments for surgical procedures to treat urinary problems. 

Yup, this one can hurt especially if done fast, as my urologist did! The catheter and camera size are not small. They did use a local anesthetic gel, xylocaine, but it did not make much difference to me. 

Years later, a new urologist did the same procedure in the hospital using IV sedation, and it was not painful. So request a painless procedure with IV sedation for your comfort. 

Your doctor will have a much better idea of the condition of your prostate and bladder after this procedure. He can tell whether it's enlarged or infected and can see the impact on the bladder. The bladder gets irritated as the prostate enlarges because of incomplete urination.

You may have some pain while urinating afterwards as the ammonia in your urine touches the sensitive tissues that may have been irritated by the scope. 

This will ease with each urination. Some blood spotting is also possible but this too will pass. 

If constant bleeding does happen, then that is rare and abnormal so get back to your doctor quickly. 

Later, I will add much more about male catheters and catheter insertion as well as how to use them safely when instant relief is required for a blocked prostate or check out my book, Healthy Prostate

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