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3D Prostate Cure Questions


First, I recently became aware of your site, but I am already a big fan.
Second, in part because you have had and are a big believer in the 3D prostate cure, I am interested in it myself...

Several questions?

*. "Needle Tracking"
Might the injections result in "needle tracking" as may happen with conventional prostate needle biopsies?

On withdrawal of the injecting needle, it seems logical that toxic tissue may be transmitted beyond the prostate capsule to healthy organs. No?

Even without this happening, what guarantee is there that the route followed by the injecting needle does not provide a future 'pathway' for transmission of toxic tissue?

*. What is the cost of the treatment? (Unless you prefer I ask 3D clinic)
What average additional costs are there in accommodation, meals, transportation, etc, etc?
In most cases, how many days does the treatment and follow up require?

Thank you!



Ron here...

The needles used at the 3D Clinic are completely different than biopsy needles. Those are big and thick designed to remove tissue from the prostate.

The needles at the clinic are very thin injection needles designed to be able to release the medicine slowly into the tissue. There is no comparison at all to biopsy needles. So no needle tracking can happen.

Best to ask the costs by writing the clinic directly. It will depend on how long you will be there and what extras you may need like IV fluids for treating overall body viruses if needed.

Ask also about any hospital testing costs. There may be some but in my experience are quite inexpensive.

Most treatment time is 4-6 weeks depending on severity of condition, and in very complex cases more than one visit may be needed.

Again best to write the clinic details of your condition and any surgeries related.

Per diem food and hotel and extras can be done from $50-$100 USD.

Comments for 3D Prostate Cure Questions

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Jun 16, 2018
"Needle Tracking"
by: Anonymous

There are many studies on Pubmed showing the benefits of Citrus pectin in treating cancer.

No, of course it's not a "cure-all".

Regarding muscle testing for supplements; it also has it's limitations. From a Chinese medicine perspective, it is perhaps only testing the response in one "level" of the meridian system, the tendino-muscular meridians and may not at all be addressing other levels and functioning of the body.

May 30, 2018
Prostate massaging
by: Anonymous

I have been using a massager for a while now and very much enjoying it. I was wondering if it is a good or bad idea to walk around with a massager in? And if anyone has had any experience doing so? Also how long is normal to reach climax, and what are the best methods/positions people use?
Thank you



I'd be very careful walking as if you slipped and fell, it could be pushed in and cause damage.

There is no answer to your other question as each person is unique. The goal should be to do massage to strengthen your squeezing muscles but not overdoing it.

May 28, 2018
"Needle Tracking"
by: Anonymous

I wanted to mention that Modified Citrus Pectin has shown to be of some benefit to minimize the spread of cancerous cells and is recommended by some people pre and post-biopsy for that reason. So, it might be something to consider as well as a preventative if you decide to go the "3D route" and receive injections.


Ron here...

I would avoid the biopsy and do personal testing for any supplement, as this one has a lot of hype around it.

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