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3d prostate clinic

by Graham
(London, England)

Hello Ron,
I am a 68 year old man.
I have been experiencing some "difficulties" down below for about 8 years now.
My symptoms have mainly been urgency and frequency when urinating plus a burning sensation. I do not usually get up more than twice a night. I have had a couple of UTI's as well that seemed to be eradicated with antibiotics. More recently I have suffered a little with erectile dysfunction and reduced ejaculate and one instance of retrograde ejaculation. My libido seems to have waned a bit too, although I have had some emotional problems within relationships that probably haven't helped.
I have had a slight feeling of pain around my pelvic area for about 3 years now---sometimes intermittent and has been helped by acupuncture. I self diagnosed this as prostatitis
I have had digital rectal examinations of my prostate which was found to be enlarged but I have not had such an examination for 3 or 4 years now.
I once passed a bladder stone and so had a cystoscopy and was told I had "pouches" in my bladder where urine could collect and hence stones form.
I believe my PSA level was raised on one occasion when it was checked but on retesting had fallen to an acceptable level.
I am a bit worried at the moment because for about 2 weeks now I have had a more intense pain in my lower back and tops of my thighs---it seems to move around a bit. The pain is aggravated by movement and walking and my back and thighs feel a bit stiff. I am a bit scared that I may have prostate cancer that has spread. I have made an appointment with my GP for next week as I would like to know what is going on. I really don't want to have any biopsies done though having read your book and articles I have seen elsewhere about the risks with such procedures.
I have been in touch with Dr. Song's 3d clinic in China and am intending to go there at the earliest opportunity. I need to raise the money firstly of course and also they have told me not to attend until after March 1st as it is the Chinese Spring festival until then.
My concern is if I have prostate cancer that has spread that any delay will not help me but I really do not want to start any treatments here as I would prefer to be treated at the 3d clinic.
I appreciate you cannot really tell me what to do Ron, but any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you,


Ron here...

Ask the clinic if you could come there right now before the holiday. It may already be closed as this is Dr Song's vacation time and research period. But worth asking explaining the urgency of your symptoms.

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