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3D clinic length

by Jody

Hi Ron. Thanks for this resource and information! I am seriously considering going to the 3D clinic, it seems legit and the technique seems real, and I like the combination of Chinese and Western medicine

I can only really afford (and this would be spending savings) to do 3 weeks of their program. I guess this is a totally impossible question to answer but do you think it's worth going for 3 weeks while I can, even with the chance it would need more? I have no real way of telling the severity of my case, but I am highly motivated to do something about this as it's getting worse and I REALLY need to act!

I read that you might go back, did you do a whole 6 weeks, or was it less? Anyways thanks so much again!


Ron here...

Best if you write them your question and include your symptoms and history so they know how to answer you.

I was there for a bit over 6 weeks. I probably have to go back for a shorter round because my prostate was so huge (240grams vs a normal 20grams!). Normally one continues to discharge particles after coming home and the prostate continues to shrink as a result. But this stage did not happen for me... again because of the size I imagine. It had reduced by half before I left China.

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Mar 13, 2017
Need Concrete proof
by: Martin

Thanks for your comments
I am also concerned with the Lengh of stay , but if it's what I have to do I will probably do it .
I have contacted Chinese authorities and had virtual assistants help me investigate this 3D clinic company and have had more than negative responses about doctors ID numbers not matching other inconsistencies regarding legitimacy of the clinic .
All the other testimonials seem to be made up ....
I haven't had anyone respond to me via Facebook or email that has attended the clinic I would really like to speak to you and also promote your books here in Australia
I believe you went there and I believe the clinic exists but why is it so inconsistent with my searches for a company that is so on the cutting edge , why is it so difficult to get a straight answer from testimonials etc etc
You Ronald M bazaar are the only proof that I can have at the moment that has got me excited ...I wish I could speak with you directly as you are my only hope.


The clinic is for real. The bad press is from doctors trained by DR SONG who learned some of his ways and tried to badmouth him when they set up their own clinic. All untrue. Read about it on his site.

Write the clinic with your health condition and see what he says.

Jul 27, 2016
Zenflow Urethral Inplant
by: bonnermartin

Does anyone know anything about the Zenflow prostatic urethral implant. Does it work? Is it safe? Has anyone tried it?
Comments would be appreciated

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