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Worried about Possible Prostatitis or Enlarged Prostate!

by John Hodgkin
(Bothell,Wa 98021)

Hi Ron. I came across your site awhile ago. I had a 60 year old physical done by my Naturopath in July of last year.

Everything on the physical went great except my prostate exam. PSA 2.5 prostate size is 4.8 x 3.1 x 4.5cm for a volume of 35cc. The central zone portion of the prostate gland is enlarged with a nodular heterogeneous appearance and contains dystrophic calcifications.

On color Doppler imaging there is a subjectively increased flow to the central zone and minimal flow to the peripheral zone.

The seminal vesicles have a normal appearance. Not specific for mild prostatitis.

That day I had to go to the E.R. for a pelvic spasm that happened either from the exam or because of my anxiety. They told me in the E.R. that my white blood cell count was up slightly and that this is common after a DRE. They diagnosed me as having prostatitis. I took 500mg of Cipro for 28 day's and it did nothing.

I am a athletic guy and was never bothered by my mild symptoms before the exam. I juice and eat a very phytonutrient diet. This situation totally scared me and wishing I had never even had the DRE done.

Since last July I have been to The University of Washington's prostate clinic to see John Krieger M.D. I did his 3 exams. 1st exam was 3 urethral swabs which was great fun and a DRE which Dr. Krieger stated "you have a small prostate". The 2nd exam was the all famous 4 glass test w/prostate massage of which the prostate secretion showed no evidence of infection. The 3 swabs revealed no infection either. Then came the 3rd exam the flow rate test, which his nurse said "you have the flow of a 20 year old".

Well, they managed to lose my wonderful flow rate test results when scanning to medical records and had no back up for it. So they offered me a complimentary flow rate exam in about a month. So I redid that test and by that time I was in a high anxiety state of mind and the flow rate did not go as well as the other flow rate test.

My PVR on the 1st flow rate test was 30Ml and the second was 60 Ml. I had drank huge amounts of water before both tests. It really aggravated me that they lost the last and great flow test. They were walking on egg shells that I didn't raise any fuss about it. I am in Physical Medicine as a Medical/Orthopedic Massage Therapist for 30 years. I could have raised a big stink about it, but I just wanted to get it done.

Anyway Dr. Krieger seemed to think my TRUS was worthless and at every exam he kept telling me my prostate was larger and larger by palpation. I said how could that be, when you told me on my 1st exam I had a small prostate gland? I did the TRUS so I could get the actual size and volume of my prostate gland and rule out other complications. At each exam he would say well it's around 40 grams, then 45 grams then 50 grams and I am going wait a minute my Naturopath just told me it is the size of the TRUS diagnostic exam.

Well the 24th of this month it will be a year of worry and regret that I ruined my great physical health by getting the DRE. I have had pelvic muscle burning and pain and other issues since. I could go on and on. I am seeing a P.T. right now who say's it's weak gluteal muscles. It is Kathe Wallace who developed the Herman/Wallace protocol. It has been helping as long as I don't sit too long. But that is hard because I am a therapist and have to sit sometimes to treat cervical issues and thoracic problems and I sit to chart my narrative notes also. Plus I have not been running or cycling since because I have had these issues.

So I'm sure you can understand why I am frustrated by this and I never had a pelvic or prostate issue before the DRE. I could sit on my Selle Italia bike seat for hours and ride w/no problems and I could run for miles w/no problems. Plus sit and treat patients and do my chart notes without any pain or pelvic issues at all.

Dr. Krieger of course diagnosed me w/CP/CPPS. The usual diagnosis when they can't find anything else wrong. I truly don't believe CP/CPPS is caused by the prostate gland. I believe it is a pelvic muscle and ligament and nerve issue.

Sorry to go on so long Ron. Give me your thoughts on this. I would appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this and any help would be grateful.

Sincerely, John Hodgkin L.M.P.


Hi John,

I am not a doctor and can't give medical advice so what follows is what I would do for myself.

1. stress serves no one well... we all know that. So start by learning how to diminish that. Stress makes everything worse.

So "I accept my body for what it is telling me. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn how to heal myself. Please remind me to slow my breathing down to a nice gentle inhale and exhale whenever I feel anxious. Calm peacefulness serves me well." Focus on the tip of your nose as you breathe in quietly, calmly and gently. Get a meditation CD or something that helps you relax when stressed.

2. Get a standing desk addition here: so you can spend at least some of your time at work standing.

3. Become your own expert: if doctors and tests are getting you nowhere then find another way.

4. The journey includes optimizing your diet, cleansing to remove toxins and focusing on how to reduce inflammation in the body.

5. Get a pendulum as I suggest in my books. I know it sounds hokey pokey but it isn't. We all have an energetic field and a subconscious mind far more powerful than our conscious mind. You then can test to see if any medication whether medical or natural is good for you or not.

The same is true for food and practitioners. I could tell you countless stories of how this simple device has helped me immensely.

At this point I would suggest reading my book: "Your Perfect Diet" as it contains my latest insights and links.

After you have learned how to use the pendulum you will be able to know which foods and supplements are helpful to you or not. It matters not what the blurbs say about them or the science. If it tests negative for you then it is best not to take it, but to find something else that would help.

Lastly you could schedule a skype consultation with the folks that make the pendulums. They are very advanced in helping find optimum ways of healing.

Best of luck!


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Jul 14, 2014
Dangers of EMFs
by: Ron

I would also be very careful to minimize your exposure to EMFs.

Some people are very sensitive to them; others not visibly so but their effects can be felt in mysterious ways. So play safe and avoid them as much as possible using wired devices instead.

Watch this video from a top doctor about this:

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