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What if you don't feel pain?!!

by Raul
(Amsterdam, Holland)

I am very thankful for all the information and the knowledge you are sharing! I read your book The prostate Health diet and followed it.

I got better and stopped the medication I was taking (tamsulosina). What just happened last friday is that after my wife told me to check as my belly was bulged in an unusual way, I went to do an echo and directly to the doctor, discovering my bladder was full of urine so they put an internal catheter and scheduled an appointment with the urologist for coming tuesday! What is amazing and not understandable is that I had a full bladder(bulging belly) but still I could pee but I had no pain whatsoever!!!

So this full bladder and bulged belly was actually there for many months as far as I can remember!!! How could I not feel any pain with such a full bladder? It worries me to not having a warning signal that would prevent the situation to get life threatening!

This is the first time that I have a catheter applied and it will stay for 4 days until next tuesday when I will see the urologist.
After the doctor applied the catheter 1 and a half liter of urine came out with normal color, but then since yesterday started to be colored by blood, why is that? Is it because when applied the catheter they damage some tissue? Or could it be something else?

I wonder and ask what will happen as they would remove it, would I be able to function properly by having a proper flow of urine again?

I know that most probably they will schedule me for surgery but I am clear that this is not an option for me (thanks to your research!) but I wonder how would my prostate which got to this point will be able to reduce in order to allow the urine flow? It seems that the diet didn't help to avoid this extreme condition and I can't trace back what triggered this partial obstruction?

I would be very grateful if you could comment on my case

Thanking you!


Ron here...

Everyone is so unique so it is hard to know exactly what has happened. What seems strange is that you did not know you were retaining so much urine. Normally an enlarged prostate has many symptoms associated with it, but you didn't have them or didn't notice them...

You would think that you would have had difficulty getting a strong stream going, or you only urinated a bit. The blood is most likely from the catheter unless it is a constant bright red... if so go see a doctor immediately.

There is a time and a place for doctors. Surgery may be the option that is best for you now. The key is the sensitivity of the surgeon and the results he has had with other patients. If the operation is a TURP then only a part of the prostate is removed from the inside. I know several men who have had successful TURP operations. It took decades to get where you are today and diet alone may not be enough at this point unless you are able to persevere with alternative treatments such as seeing a naturopath.

You will know soon, and if not you could ask to see another doctor for a second opinion.

Hope all goes well for you.

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