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Using the Sonic Massager

by Mark

I've just tried using the Sonic Prostate Massager but seem to be somewhat challenged in properly positioning the massager tip.

I'm not sure what sensation or feeling I should have when the vibrating prostate tip is correctly positioned on and around my prostate gland.

The unit also comes with a separate colon massage tip, but it doesn't address how to properly use this second tip.

I'd greatly appreciate our input on the correct technique for using both the prostate & colon massage tips with the Sonic massager.

Thank You!


Ron here,

Probably best to contact the manufacturer directly, but I will give you my input.

As long as you have been able to insert the sonic prostate massager correctly (in other words it is inside your rectum), then you are ready to do the massage.

Just do it for a minute to start for the first week or two. You will feel some vibrations and then you will know it is doing its job.

You can angle the device downwards so the tip is adjacent to the prostate behind the thin rectal wall. But gently. The vibrations stimulate blood flow.

Relax and breathe deeply.

I am not sure about the separate colon massage tip but I think that may be for hemorroids to massage the outer anus area. But best you contact the manufacturer for more info.

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