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Using a coude catheter on the airplane

by bt
(so cal)

Hi, all this sounds good. I have an enlarged prostate. Most of the time I pee okay. Will be taking a long 6 hr flight. I seem to have trouble peeing on the airline. We leave in 3 months. I'm already nervous about it. In your opinion, is this Coude the best and easiest to use? I will be in a small airplane bathroom. I will practice before we go. I do appreciate all the info above. Any thoughts.

Thx Bt


Hi BT,

Ron here.

Practicing is a good idea. Each man is different. I would try both types to see what you find best but coude catheters would be my first choice.

Know this. As long as you pee before you go, a 6 hour flight in the worst case of total blockage may be no fun but would not be life threatening... that can take well more than a day to 2 days.

You have time to learn what triggers your blockage... usually a food or supplement. Get my book to learn how to personally test your inputs, improve your diet and avoid the triggers.

You could also simply not take anything other than water for 18-24 hours before you fly to avoid any triggers you don't know about.

The cheapest versions of my book is kindle or itunes.

Best to you,


Comments for Using a coude catheter on the airplane

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Jan 05, 2013
flight NEW
by: BT

Hi Ron, thx . I don't have alot of time to experiment before the trip. I was looking at the diff kind of coude. What would you recomend? Type and size. Seems to be 4 or 5 diff ones.I've tried a Bard a couple of times. a size 10. Seem that smaller would be more comfortable. Nothing to compare to. It works but is uncomfortable. Once I get this thing inserted, will it stay? Hoping I won't need it, but last couple of flights, couldn't pee. I will get your book. But need a back up plan, hence the catheter. Going to see a Urog next week. probably a waste of time. I got to explore all options. You say you had complete blockage, what worked for you? Or is this in the book. I do appreciate your website.

thx Bt

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