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Unbelieveable Pleasure

by Juan Sanchez
(Rincon, Puerto Rico)

I did this unknowingly to myself just recently. I took a long hot shower, cleaning myself thoroughly, then oiling myself. Using a well lubed dildo, I worked it in slowly, moving my hips, trying to find a good position, touching myself occasionally with my other hand. Suddenly, the dildo slipped in nearly all the way in and I experienced a sensation like no other. I became incredlibly hard and sensitive, and soon came powerfully. Not only did I find out I could take a deeper penetration than I had thought, but I also experienced one of the most profound pleasures I have known.

Comments for Unbelieveable Pleasure

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Jan 13, 2016
Euphoric State from Utuado, PR.
by: Joe Arce

I have been using the Progasm Jr from Aneros for several years now and my advice to my fellow men. Drop down that steel wall that we created ourselves since sex was used for pleasure. It will not make you gay or bi if you are not already. I still love women no less than when I started massaging my prostate. My only regret is not starting sooner. Comparing regular orgasms to prostate orgasms no comparison. Prostate is like 5 times more powerful. I can only do max 2 ejaculations per session the normal way. With prostate I lost count per session. As long as you massage it you will continue to orgasm. Like women. I didn't believe this was possible till it started happening to me and after it happened I still was in shock but with a great big smile. For some like me it didn't happen on the first try or second. Took a few sessions but boy when that poppy woke up I flew better than the concorde.

Jun 20, 2014
Similar experience
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience as this gentlman.I purchased a massager from aneros called DeVice.I was a little intimidated by its girth,but it has a very smooth silicone surface,and is somewhat pliable.I always rinse my rectum whith a baby enema bulb.I inject about 3cc of lubricant{do not use silicone it will damage the aneros},then I coat the DeVice with castoroil.I lay on my back whit knees up and get completely relaxed,take a deep breath and slowly insert.Once half way in my annus seems to draw it the rest of the way.In about 20 seconds I experience the most wonderful pleasure you can ever imagine.There is a steady drip of prostate fluid.I haven't shown this to the Mrs. yet but at the right time I will have to because I am NOT EVER giving this up.By the way the pleasure lasts for at least an hour depending on days between sessions which is at least 3 or 4 days.I waited 2 weeks once,and my insides were pulsating before insertion. Sorry for the book but why did I have to wait 65 years to find out about this????? Best Wishes

May 20, 2014
Whatdid you use to make this happen?
by: Alan

What kind of dildo did you use and how long did the dildo make the good feeling last?

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