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Unable to pass catheter through prostate

by Alan Leak
(Derby, UK)


I recently had my second urethrotomy and was issued with lubricated CH16 catheters in order to self dilate over a prescribed period.

Although the catheter passes through at least 20cms of my urethra I am unable to enter through the prostate. I have tried many times but at around 18-20cms I come to a complete stop.

I have tried coughing and relaxing and I have pushed as hard as I dare without risking injury. I'm as certain as I can be that the catheter is pushing past the restricted area that was operated on.

I have spoken to my Urology Day Case Unit twice about this but they don't seem unduly concerned as long as I'm reaching the treated area (restriction). Should I be concerned and seek further help?

Alan Leak


Ron here...

I assume you are able to urinate without the catheter. If not, then seek help.

If you have prostate problems then it is important to find out what is going on.

If you want to get the catheter through the prostate (I assume no urine comes out when you are inserting your catheter at this time), then a slight twisting action as I describe should help but never force it.

If that does not work, try a Coude catheter. Your CH16 size may work for your urethrotomy but could be a bit big for your getting through your prostate. So if the above suggestions do not work, you could try a 14 or 12 size.

But ideally you do any of this with the advice of your doctor or caregiver.

Comments for Unable to pass catheter through prostate

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Jul 02, 2016
What type catheter are you using?
by: Anonymous

You may just have the wrong catheter. If your catheter is clear (silicon) you nay find the same problem that I had with them and they may be too stiff to pass through. Try the soft red rubber catheters with a coude tip and twist them slowly as you gently push the catheter in.

The coude tips vary greatly in angle of bend. Experience will teach you which angle of bend is best for you. If I use one that has too severe of an angle the end of the catheter will fold over and not be able to enter the prostate area. I use the ones that are only slightly bent. Also beware of catheters where the eyelet is inside or very close to the bend. This makes a weak area where the catheter can bend instead of staying on course.

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