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TURP Surgery

by Ron B

Here is a letter I got from someone and my answer below it...

Message: Hi I came across your website promoting your book. You say that you healed your prostate. My Husband is scheduled for a TURP operation on Tuesday. I feel that we have tried everything alternative to shrink the prostate, we have been told it is 3 times its size.

He has been taking herbal prostrate formulas,tried different ones for the last four years. Our family doctor who is a regular medical doctor, but who takes a very holistic approach gave my husband a list of other supplements, such as zinc,fish oil,etc.

I would buy your book but I am out of time unless you can give me something that we may have not tried and hope so that we can cancel the surgery, get your book and get it healed the best way.

We eat a good diet, lots of veggies, hardly any processed food, very little red meat. We even read about this type of pollen extract and tried it for a year, it did not shrink it or even slow or maintain the growth rate of the prostrate. I would really like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks Deborah

Hi Deborah,

What I talk about in my book is what are the causes of prostate problems. There is so much misinformation about what foods and supplements are good for you that I wrote the book and am slowly filling out this site.

I too got nowhere with the herbs and supplements you describe. Once the prostate gets swollen, it is easy to trigger reactions to foods that worsen the condition in the short term.

Red meat from commercial or grain fed animals is harmful because of the extreme omega 6 to 3 ratio compared to a healthy grass
fed animal…

… from my book:

"Another thing to consider is the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. It is the omega-3s that we are deficient in. The omega-6/omega-3 fat ratio has become too extreme and we are eating way too much omega-6s. This crops up in areas of our diet that we don't even think about, like regular store or restaurant meats.

For example, grass-fed beef contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in close to the healthy 2:1 ratio. But grain-fattened commercial beef, which most people eat, contains fat in an imbalanced ratio that parallels the ratios found in the grains used to fatten them, which are 20:1, 30:1, and even 50:1 in favor of omega-6!"

We need the healthy meat. Vegan diets are not the answer.

Do you know about phytic acid that is found in grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds? Unless you soak them, this anti-nutrient will rob your body of zinc and magnesium, crucial for your husband's enlarged prostate.

You don't have to believe me. In my book I teach you how to test for yourself which foods will nourish you and which will harm you plus lots more. There is no rush in my opinion to have a TURP. If you can manage your symptoms and minimize them, you then give your body a chance to heal.

Have you done any cleanses? Have you stopped all harmful inputs? Do you know what they are? Do you know the optimum foods to eat? It's all in the book. Give yourself a chance to discover what I have learned. Then if it doesn't help, have an operation. I just wish there were no side effects or I would have lined up for it!

I am going to post this online without your name so others can learn from it.

Best to you,


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