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Tight musceles and prostate massage

by moe

Dear Doctor,

i would like to ask you about this massager , i did kegel exercise as a young man 25 yrs , for like 4 months. i did it too much too many times in a day. suddenly i got ED and enlargement prostate. however , i went to many doctors im suffering for a year now , i don't have organic damage. one of them told me you have tight muscles already and u made them more tight. can this massager loose muscles? or it just make them tight? i want to loose them as much as i can , if you have an answer for me and i don't wanna do kegel while im massaging . thanks


Ron here,

Best thing is to follow your doctor's advice. If you want to do massage without kegel exercise then use the sonic massager. It does not require you to do kegel exercises.

But do for max 45 seconds to start and only do more time later on if it feels good. Do once or twice a week if your doctor OK's it.

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