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Spouse Reaction to Prostate Massage

I'm afraid my wife will freak out due to the fact that using one of these tools can produce pleasure and that brings the "gay" issue into the picture.

Any ideas how to get my urologist to suggest this? I think that would change her attitude.


Ron here,

Many parts of the body can bring pleasure. Anal pleasure has been used by heterosexual couples who know about this for ages. In Taoist sexual practices a woman would massage the prostae both for the man's pleasure as well as the sex benefits.

Just because gay men have found it sexually pleasing doesn't at all mean that heterosexual men can't enjoy its benefits if they want.

It is all about education. I remember in the early 70s when oral sex was taboo, and then the movie came out as a blockbuster underground of a blow job!

Eventually it became something quite common and acceptable.

There is absolutely nothing about prostate massage that cannot be enjoyable and beneficial for health for a heterosexual man.

Prostate massage can be done without adding in sexual stimulation. It is all a question of the mind and one's choice.

It all depends too on the sexual openness of your wife. You can explain that you are doing it for health reasons to benefit your prostate. You can educate her about that and if you want you can add in a sexual dimension.

You could also ask your doctor for a recommendation for a prostate massage device and even ask for a prescription for the sonic prostate massager. That device only lasts for 90-120 seconds so it is definitely not a sexual tool while the High Island one can be both because it takes more time for the massage since there are no pulsations.

Your wife should be your partner in your health and be able to encourage you to use it. You could choose the sonic one as it really is just a medical device that a doctor himself with a prostate problem invented. Explore the background on the site and you will see, and perhaps could show it to her so she understands why you want to do it.

And be gentle and start with even less than the recommended time to ensure you do not overdo it. 60 seconds would be about all you need as you work up slowly to more.

Hope this helps,


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