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So Grateful for Your Prostate Help and Prostate Massage Insights!

by Brent
(Lafayette Indiana )

Mr. Bazar,

I have read your web site and keep reading it. Have ordered your book. Thank you so much for all the homework you have done.

Purchased the Aneros massage stimulator. Just ordered the sonic massager. After three times I can pee much easier! I'm amazed! Seems it may take some time to get a prostate orgasm only but looking forward to it. I chose to do the sexual massage and had a wonderful slow orgasm that clearly came from the prostate and continued feeling great! Something I could only dream about.

For the last month I have been having difficulty having a good enough erection to last through sex with my partner. Looking for ideas. Just purchased 20 mg prescription of cialis to help. Hope it does not work against recovery? Very expensive and not sure if it helps enough. Gotta find the right moment of arousal to really know. Looking for ideas?

I see an alternative doctor and take testosterone weekly. Also take Arimadex to control estrogen. I'm amazed even an alternative doctor is unaware of natural means for prostate health and believes in the PSA test.

Can I use the Aneros prostate stimulator daily without overdoing it?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Brent, Ron here...

The most important thing you can do for your prostate health is to optimize your diet. For most men there is a lot to learn about diet. Many think they know about it or what constitutes a healthy diet.

I highly recommend you purchase one of my books to understand this. (Looks like you did this).

When you eat what your body wants, then little by little you start to heal from the inside. This is in my opinion the only long term way to sexual health, strong erections with lasting power and good ejaculations, and prostate health.

It takes time and effort but I was so weakened because of my extreme prostate condition that I could barely come and when I did nothing would come out!

Now it is the opposite!

I would avoid the pills and learn to personally test for your bio-compatibility for all your inputs. You will be amazed at how well this works if you try it and learn how to test foods and supplements. I eat optimally now and it is the secret to my success.

Many drugs and even natural supplements no matter how great they sound can be very harmful if your body does not want it. Personal testing is the key to knowing.

As far as prostate massage with a prostate massager goes, be slow and careful so as not to change from a positive benefit to a negative. In all things find the sweet spot! That was not meant to be a pun! Do not overdo prostate massage!

All the best to a healthy prostate and great sex in the new year Brent!


Comments for So Grateful for Your Prostate Help and Prostate Massage Insights!

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Jan 17, 2014
Wishing I had found this out years ago NEW
by: nate

I wrote to you recently about what my wife's reaction would be to prostate massage.I took your advice and explained how prostate health and sexual health are connected.I ordered the maximus aneros massager.Wow the best $30 i ever spent.I can echo everything Brent did in his comments.I never would have thought improving ones health could be so much fun!!!This has really spiced things up in the bedroom as she likes to "assist" me with my massage sessions,and I can go until she is fully satisfied. I thank you my wife thanks you. Oh and one more thing the "morning wood" is back. My best Regards Nate

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