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Sharp Increase in PSA

by Ken Harpham
(Clackamas, Oregon)

My PSA has been at 9.0 to 12.0 since back in the 90's. I had a biopsy in the late 90's and it was benign. I had another biopsy in 2007 which was cancerous. 1 quarter 90%. 2nd quarter 10% and the other two were cancer free. I have done watchful waiting which my doctor agree.

Im 76. Last July, 2013 my PSA was found to be 27.16. I was sent to a Urologist who wanted to put me on Lupren. I declined. My next PSA was 26.33 November, 2013. April, 2014 it was 25.17. My PSA skyrocked then totally stabilized.

Should I wait and get another PSA in November, 2014?

3 Years ago I had a PET scan. August, 2013, I had a bone scan. Both came out negative. My Urologist insists I go on Lupron. Lupron can have a lot of side effects. I'd like to know what is really happening with the cancer. It seems to be slow growing. Not sure why it spiked!

Can you give me any ideas as to what direction to go? I'm more into natural means to treat cancer, than what the mainstream medical community advises. I just don't trust them.

Ron here...

I can't give medical advice but if you choose the course of "watchful waiting", then I would do much more than that!

Most men with prostate cancer will die of something else than prostate cancer so that is the reason it can be best to not undergo radical prostate treatments.

You are right about the potential side effects of Lupron:

There can be other causes of a spike in PSA levels that I discuss on this site of in "Healthy Prostate" book.

But let us assume you choose "watchful waiting". Then be very active in eating the very best diet you can, not as you define that but more objectively as I describe in my diet books. Most men think they eat healthily but stack what you do against my levels of healthy eating and compare.

Then change!

Then eliminate all toxic bodycare and household products, improve your water, get sun exposure on your body and prostate area... Read and study what to do... that would be my action plan.

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