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Prostatitis Symptoms

by Nigel
(United Kingdom)

Hi Ron

I recently bought your book and have started implementing some of your recommendations, eating only organic foods, natural bodycare products etc and I am currently in the middle of the Broccoli diet.

Two weeks in I am starting to get more burning in the penis than before. I am optimistically thinking this might be because my body is getting rid of some of the toxins and/or infection.
Do you think this could be the case?

Also I know it is difficult to answer as everyone is different but generally how long does the body take to start "turning the corner" and for an improvement to be felt?

Many thanks


Hi Nigel,

Most of us are so filled with toxins that it does take time to get relief from our symptoms. It took you decades to get here and will take effort to reverse.

The sitz bath may be very helpful for you. A recent report is showing that men with prostatitis can get relief by using acupuncture. I have done it and it is not painful at all.

As we change our diets, we allow healing to take place. During the first stage of this process we often feel worse because we start to release old toxins.

Take a good acidopholus capsule or 2 an hour before or after each meal to aid your digestion and elimination. Aloe vera juice too around 1-2 tablespoons will help as well. And a simple water fast for a day or 2 can give your body a rest.

If your symptoms become extreme, then it may mean you have changed your diet too fast from before and you are discharging too quickly. Medical advice from an alternative health practitioner or your doctor may be useful.

Let me know how it goes.


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