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Prostate growth leading to serious blockage and kidney damage

I am 57, have had urinary issues in "wait and watch" state for over 10 years now. But lately situation became worse with Hydronephrossis diagnosed.
I would desperately like to put off or completely avoid surgery or even catherisation. I have tried the saw-palmetto based supplements in the past to no avail.

With your experience on the subject, what do you suggest ? If possible, I need to start emptying bladder properly in the short term to keep from having to go under the knife or getting catheterised.


Ron here,

I am not a doctor and you may need medical help as kidney damage is quite serious.

You can learn to use a catheter quite easily and safely with no pain just discomfort if you follow my instructions on the site or get my book on it.

Also you would need to start studying about your health and prostate including what to eat that is compatible for you and what to avoid.

My books are all about that.

Saw Palmetto will not solve anything, and in many cases will cause negative reactions in some men. You must learn how to test. Again my books and this site will help you.

In the meantime, your condition may warrant medical attention. Only you can decide.

Comments for Prostate growth leading to serious blockage and kidney damage

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Jan 06, 2016
Sitting Exercise To Irrigate Pelvic Floor and Prostate
by: ClaudeA

Ron, I do not recall sharing this with you yet. I mentioned about flushing blood into my prostate by pushing against either side of my spine while moving one hand toward my buttock then pressing the buttock inward toward the prostate while lying on either side with my knees drawn toward my chest. This gives a feel of lots of blood flooding my prostate region.

Another way I discovered is sitting back straight on the edge of my firm bed mattress and fairly slowly pushing my hands down at my sides to raise my butt completely clear of the mattress, fairly slow lowering back to full weight on the bed, and repeat any number of times.

This provides even more sensation of flooding the pelvic floor, especially my prostate. Doing this after a brisk walk with lots of fresh blood and oxygen from the exercise really invigorates my whole lower abdomen!

A side note. The mainstream hospital where the ER placed the catheter is now working with me to begin dialog between their Urologist and my ND provider. Interestingly, both the Patient Advocate I first discussed this with and a lady in a main office are also Natural Nutrition advocates!

My ND writes occasional articles for Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD who practices natural nutritive health. I am blessed with all you are sharing and these great caring people!

Thank you, Ron.

Claude Armstrong

Jan 06, 2016
rostate growth leading to serious blockage and kidney damage
by: Rama

Hey Ron,

Thanks for your comments, I guess it was somewhat naive to ask that on an open forum.

I have ordered the prostate massager and am waiting to see if using that will aleviate the pain somewhat.

Also had a read of your insturctions on self-catheterisation and feel more comfortable with the whole idea.



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