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Prostate Diagnostic Methods

by Cam
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the informative website. I'm still having urination issues after having PAE two years ago. I had a post-PAE MRI. That didn't tell me anything pertinent. I had an ultrasound. Ditto. I thought these might show impingement or not. There could be a bladder issue. My prostate peaked out at 37 grams which isn't so large but configuration is everything. I'm wondering if there is anything diagnostic that isn't invasive. When I had a cystoscopy last, it almost shut me down. I felt like I had to urinate every 15 minutes. I ended up on Cipro. I'm afraid of that happening again. The doctors around my area don't do pressure flow urodynamics to check bladder health, but that is also invasive. I'm afraid of getting inflammation or infection from these procedures. The bladder did expand through the years because of poor emptying. Any ideas?


Ron here...

A uroflow test is not invasive:

But it sounds like you must have infections inside your prostate. Oral or IV antibiotics will not cure infections inside the prostate. The only one I know of is the 3D Clinic in China. Check it out.

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