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Prostate Biopsy Info and Risks

by Neil

Ron, regarding the info that you posted regarding prostate biopsy, do you have any studies that validate the following: "Not only can a prostate biopsy procedure be very harmful to the prostate, it can lead to painful, long-lasting infections that are difficult to treat. It can easily add bacteria from the bowel into the prostate (usually the biopsy is done through the rectum). If cancer is present, watch out!

The biopsy needles can spread the cancer to other parts of the prostate, release cancerous cells into the bloodstream, and may spread the cancer to other organs or glands nearby, making a relatively benign form of cancer highly fatal."

I am not disputing any of this, just wondering if you have seen valid studies backing it up. I realize that Dr. Song has concerns re: biopsies spreading rectal bacteria into the prostate, as well as scarring, and a subsequent increase in prostate size. When I spoke to my urologist about a biopsy "spreading Cancer", he said that has been pretty much debunked, not that I really trust his word.



Ron here...

Here are some links for you to check out:

I can tell you that my prostate was 110 grams (very very large) in 2010 when I had a biopsy done to see if there was cancer. This was before I knew about the risks.

No cancer was found, but 5 years later my prostate more than doubled to 240 grams!

The same issue faces women with the risks of breast biopsies looking for breast cancer.

Knowing what I know now and what I have learned from Dr Song, I would look for other methods to diagnose prostate cancer.

Of course then you are left with what to do if you have cancer there. I know what urologists will want to do. Your decision will be up to you at that point.

You can also find more info on options here:

Hope this helps.

Comments for Prostate Biopsy Info and Risks

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Mar 05, 2018

by: Ronald M

I am not an expert researcher. I just share what I have found out and based on my experience I would never do it.

I would use an alternate method that is safer.

I cannot comment on your situation, but would recommend you write the 3D Clinic and ask why not do a biopsy and get his evaluation.

Mar 05, 2018
biopsy concerns
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your reply. While I think concerns about biopsies may be very valid, I have them and that's why I asked, I'm not very convinced by the links that you posted. I have been reading Dr. Mercola for quite some time and find that he likes to "pick and choose" what he posts, goes for the "grabby headlines" and has his own brand of fear-mongering. And 2 of the links that you included referenced the same breast cancer biopsy study which was over 20 years old. Another link just stated "as fact" that biopsies seed cancer without any backup studies or references. Just sayin' . . .

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