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Parkinsons, enlarged prostrate and foley catheter

My dad has been catheterized most of the time since March 2015, after he was lying on the floor for nearly 3 days in his home. He has underlying Parkinsons disease and is not able to void since his fall. Prior to that, no problem. It did not destroy his kidneys. Because of Parkinsons, he is unable to take the drug that shrinks his prostate as it lowers his blood pressure and he has passed out from low blood pressure several times. He is 84 and frail. I am wondering what else can be done to get him off of the constant problems associated with a foley catheter. It would be great to get rid of the catheter. Removing part of the prostrate is a possibility I see from reading, although I don't know if he can handle any surgery.
Thanks, Cindy


Dear Cindy,

This is a medical condition that needs medical advice.

Self catheterization is an option 2 or 3 times a day instead of a permanent foley catheter.

For medical otions go here...

But read all the comments to see the pros and cons.

Comments for Parkinsons, enlarged prostrate and foley catheter

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Jan 02, 2016
For Cindy's Father - Full Body Massage and Focus On His Prostate, Too?
by: ClaudeA

This is for you, Ron. From experience with my children's mother's Spinal curvature and her comfort from my careful massages, I know how healing deep tissue massage is. For aging people, like Cindy's father, she may be interested in giving him full body, deep tissue massage, and focus on irrigating his prostate area with blood she nudges down into his lower pelvic organs.

My own blood pushing down my back and up into the lower pelvis by pushing upward on each buttock cheek yields a flood of blood and fluid that washes into my lower pelvis. It is a distinct sensation, so if not embarrassing for her and her father, this will at least bring critical blood into his prostate without needing doctor intervention.

It may be beyond their zone of comfort, but my ND prescribed for me to masturbate to ejaculation 2 to 3 times each week. This act itself kept my prostate operational during my marriage to my late wife. Only after she could not live with me did my prostate become an issue, and I was able to reduce urine flow issues with masturbating to ejaculation then.

In the last several months leading to my urine block, masturbation was curtailed with too many stresses. Even so, after the catheter insertion, masturbating to climax relieves pressure in my prostate that I can easily sense.

Just wish there was a lover to share my sexual needs with!

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