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Orgasm Diet for Men and Their Prostate

by nate
(marshall mn)

The orgasm diet includes high levels of fish oil and is supposed to greatly enhance orgasms especially from prostate massage.

Your opinion?


Ron here:

Never heard of this diet. Probably someone promoting a particular supplement of theirs or a concept.

Yes the right kinds of oil especially the dreaded saturated fat found in butter, meat, salmon, coconut oils etc are very beneficial to your health. Anything that truly enhances your health will be beneficial to you sexually as a natural by product of increasing vitality.

The types of fat found in fish oils can be useful too if the right kind and quality of the oil. Cod liver oil would be my first choice.

But and this is a big BUT, all suggestions from anyone including me are just guidelines for you to verify by your own body bio-compatibility. I go into how important it is to personally test all your food and supplement inputs to ensure they are what your body needs.

That means that anything must go through the rigor of your knowing by testing to be something worthwhile to take.

If you read my book "Healthy Prostate", you will see how crucial this is for your optimum health.

I can tell you this: personal testing has made a HUGE difference to my overall prostate health and sexual health.

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