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"No-Treatment" Age?

I have heard that treatment of any kind of prostate cancer is not suggested over the age of 75. (Obviously, prescribed treatment or not surely depends on stage of illness: Early, advanced, metastasized or Stages 1-4.

What consensus is there among traditional AMA medical practitioners, if any, about this?

Among alternative prostate therapy practitioners?


Ron here...

Most likely at that age you would die of something else not prostate cancer.

If it were me I would make sure to optimize my diet for as natural and healthy as possible. Read this site or my books.

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Comments for "No-Treatment" Age?

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May 16, 2018
(AMA) Age limit to PSA Treatment (?)
by: Anonymous

I agree. The vast majority of men with prostate cancer eventually die of other causes.

At the same time, longevity is increasing. I am 75. If I live another, say, 20 years, there is plenty of time left to metastasize. As we know, benign can become malignant and vice versa; slow growing tumors can radically speed up, or go into remission; A lot depends on the type of cancer which biopsies are supposed to be able to diagnose.

Having said that, I refuse to have a biopsy for all the reasons we know. At the same time, I'm interested in knowing traditional medicine's beliefs: Does it think that, after a certain age, "no treatment" is the best approach? Or is it, as my uro thinks, there is no upper limit to when a biopsy and treatment should begin- because of the fickle nature of tumors that may change from benign to malignant at ANY age, and for reasons no one is clear about?
Thanks for your input!

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