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naurai cancer treatment

by sunday
(lafia, nigeria)

I have heard much about treatment for prostate cancer through your write up. i wish to ask how can I know the possible cause of the cancer to enable me follow the treatment. Also which is the most effective natural treatment for prostate cancer.


Read all you can on this site and then you may want to order my book on Prostate Cancer that you can find on this site.

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Mar 18, 2016
Hard Object in My Catheter
by: ClaudeA

Hi Ron!

Since your experiences with catheters likely doesn't include wearing one for month after month, and all the crazy complications this adds, you may not have the answer I am looking for.

But, maybe someone does? Let's see.

A couple of weeks ago, suddenly with no warning my prostate-bladder-penis-urine tract all sent a very nasty, sharp pain like before this catheter was inserted and the painful pressure from blocked bladder emptying relieved. I did feel a discomfort walking - I do lots of walking - but the gravity tugging on the hanging catheter from my penis causes this pain with every step, so I just grinned and let it be.

Then I sat to defecate and the intense pain became really intolerable. I passed a very tiny turd, and when it passed out, the entire pain subsided in less than a minute to no pain at all. This cycle repeated for maybe five to ten times, and when I went to shower for the night - the stingy hot water running over my genitals and back side gives all those parts soothing, calming peace that lasts for hours when I'm sleeping - and I noticed there was no urine flowing from the catheter.

Then I searched for catheter blocking, and found it is a serious issue with long term catheter placement. The main culprit is a bacterial and viral incubation inside the catheter where the urine, temperature and occasional air entry - when the bag is changed, showering, and cleaning - are combined. This microbial soup binds urine calcium, urea, and other materials into crusty deposits inside the catheter, inhibiting and then blocking flow.

On examination it was easy to see my catheter had a yellowish material in the urine tube. I have a three-tube "irrigation" Foley Catheter.

Then I looked for remedies that cleared this "infection" instead of replacing the catheter, which is the standard procedure, because when this one was inserted the horrible pain nearly blacked me out. No way is that to happen again if I can help it!

As I shared here back then, my N.D. Prescribed Iodine, in addition to my other anti microbial nutrients. (My order won't arrive til April!) Rather than wait I bought a wire small and soft enough to run up the urine tube (The tube has a closed cap at the end, so the wire doesn't go into my bladder) and cleared 99% of the blocking material, and got some flow re-established.

I also filled a 30CC syringe with warm tap water and flushed the tube and sucked a flow of clear urine out, but there was still a block in the tube.

Inserting the wire again I found that it was hitting a solid object that when I push the folded-back end of the wire passed it(I folded the end of the wire back to make the end less sharpe and a little larger so it has less cutting when it hits the end of the catheter in my bladder), there is a gritty feel like rubbing past a hard stone.

I have repeated this scraping the object numerous times, hoping to break it up. I use the syringe to flood water into, then suck urine out of my bladder, hoping the "stone" would pass out.

So far is remains stuck, but apparently is not round so that a small urine flow passes it. Most of the time, I have to clean the tube every day to keep the trickle going.

So, any ideas, other than replacement?

I hesitate to use vinegar, as I think the acid would harm my bladder? I also want to not scratch the inside of the urine tube, making for more surface that the microbes can grow on.

Thank you, ron, for all the awesome assistance you have freely shared!



Yikes! No fun!

Something is causing you to react to your food inputs that then triggers extra swelling in the prostate. At least that is what I have experienced countless times.

If you can find the triggers, then you may get some relief and be able to get rid of the catheter or just use an intermittent one for urinating.

Long term wearing a male catheter is not a great idea. You may have prostate stones that need to get out.

Go to my page on Personal testing...

Personal Testing

and for a real non-surgical solution, this is the place... which is costly to do but would solve your problem...

3D Prostate Clinic

Good luck to you!

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