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meat and bph

by Yaakov
(Lakewood NJ)

DR Bazar,
thanks for the book and your exc( if a little lengthy) site. im a mtl. native, my father was mcgill class of 52.

i have a crazy direct coorelation that if i eat meat or even chicken, the next morning i will have major urinary issues. every md i tell it to , tells me im crazy. i had relatively mild case of covid 3mos. ago and i still feel in circulation, my nutritionist gave me k2 as nattokinase which made an instant difference but affected urination immed. so i only take 1 a day now and its ok.nutritionist says tehres no estrogen in the NK

can you shed any light on what can cause such dramatic changes.



Ron here and please note I am NOT a doctor and don't give medical advice.

To answer your question, it is very simple. We all have varying degrees of sensitivities to foods. For some people, it hardly manifests directly, and sometimes it can take years and can cause unexplained chronic disease.

In your case, your body is giving you rather direct messages as to what is health-promoting and what isn't.

Go to this page on my site under Personal Testing in the Prostate Health Section:

I even wrote a book about it on how to test for which foods and more work for you or not. You can see it on that page.

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