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Massage after TURP? -Some Thoughts About Caring For My Ailing Prostate

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

I share this from my experience with direct and indirect manual manipulation of my ailing prostate. I refuse any operation on it, so keep that fact in mind as I share.

Finding This site and Ron's ever-amazing wealth of prostate-relative info let me know of the vital importance of prostate manipulation to assit blood flow in and through it and surrounding tissues. However, my urologist was less happy to know the fact I was massaging mine rectally. So was my Naturopathic Doctor.

I gather from each man that the concern is further irritation and possible damage to the already sensitive, and damaged tissue(s). I followed their concern with more careful observation of content in my urine and the sensations during and following massage. I am widowed and my years of satisfying daily intercourse years' gone, leaving me with intense unfulfilled sexual desire that I know for a fact is both healthy, and needs a good lady for proper remedy.

But, I'm picky, so the lady part of the solution is still out for evaluation. In the meantime my Naturopathic Physician prescribes ejaculation at least two times a week. Not easy without real warm lady skin to assist! So, I masturbate, with infrequent results. That is part of the prostate issues we men face. Our little member is constantly washed with both fresh sperm and the carrier fluid. It fills and swells with this life-sharing substance, and like it or not, we simply require satisfying frequent ejaculation.

This is where manipulating both the prostate directly, and surrounding tissues comes into focus. Without the lady part of ejaculation, the masturbation ejaculation is unsatisfying on several levels, mostly on the level of feeling loves and calmed with the lady friend sharing sexual after glow.

I've read many men's experiences with self masturbation and how direct manipulation of their prostate induces very high pleasure before, during and after ejaculation. Yet, from my 42 years of sexually satisfying marriage, I know how lacking self masturbation gratification is. It simply fails to provide sexual satiation, the sense of completeness and well being, and most of all, belonging.

This, then, is my doctors' concerns about manual stimulations of my prostate. It's simply not a complete package of sexual release, or prostate care.

That said, I observed how my prostate felt during and after massage, and found that it was essentially in worse, less satisfied condition. Then I accidentally discovered that sitting at the edge on my firm bed with feet on the floor and pushing my butt up off the mattress then sitting down, and doing this fairly slowly for ten minutes caused far more blood flow through the entire tissues of the pelvic floor area.

The direct prostate massage was a little comforting, but this flooding of the entire area is both much more comfortable on a swollen prostate, and provides so much blood bathing there is no comparison with direct manipulation!

I'm still getting the Aneros massager, as it is smoothly rounded, and even with my prostate swollen, the sexual arousal I require for maintaining good health is enough need on its own merit to justify purchase and use.

My lady friend is a bit shy with assisting with my masturbation with the permanent catheter in my penis, as her nursing of elderly men wearing catheters left her with an adverse feeling, especially about the sexual aspects. For men with both these impediments to intercourse, gentle discussion about both the blood flow in the tissues and semen flow through the prostate can lead to at least some relief of prostate damage, and hopefully, some natural healing.

I do not think this information applies to any prostate that was operated on. The severe damage done by operation leaves this vital organ in any but healthy state.

One other thing that I know applies very well to any still whole prostate sense of comfort, and may apply to ones with parts removed, is gentle stimulation of the frenulum. The nerves in the prostate are directly linked to the frenulum, so stimulating one stimulates both. I discovered that gentle stroke of my frenulum relieves prostate discomfort and replaces mild pain with calmed feelings in the whole genital area.

Reducing stress and tension for hurting body parts promotes natural healing.

I trust this little experience helps someone.

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