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Magnetic prostate therapy?

by Tom Scott
(Dallas Tx)

I have been researching and applying magnetic therapy to many different medical problems for about 15 years. I think my experience could be referred to as extensive and frankly some of the successes I have observed or personally experienced have been pretty mind boggling.

I use very powerful neodymium magnets, not the small cheap kind that most of the mag therapy scam guys push. Some of the magnets I use for some applications are so strong that I consider them too dangerous to leave in the hands of inadequately trained folks. Because of this, I have come to the opinion that truly effective magnetic therapy is usually not practical for self application by normal patients.

I could go on but I will get to the point-
Do you have any experience with magnetic therapy for the prostate?


Ron here...

No I don't have any direct experience. Do you?

Comments for Magnetic prostate therapy?

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Jan 20, 2015
Magnets are great but proven PEMF device is better NEW
by: Anonymous

MAVIT facilitates in the recovery of the prostate at home and in hospital

Statistics inexorably reveals that the number of men who have problems due to inflammation of the prostate is growing, and although the pharmacies are full of all sorts of drugs, many still do not know that there are affordable and proven techniques for years to get rid of this disease.
One of the best achievements of modern medical technology in this field – MAVIT designed specifically for the treatment of prostate diseases. Using MAVIT device, conducting a very effective procedures for prostate massage it is possible not only in hospitals but also at home! With the help of the MAVIT device you will be able to treat prostatitis at home without the help of outsiders.

A device for integrated local treatment of inflammatory diseases of prostate MAVIT developed at the request of the Ministry of Health’s leading urologists, Ryazan State Medical University in order to eliminate the existing shortcomings prostatitis and effectiveness of treatment. MAVIT device can be attributed to new treatment of BPH.


chronic prostatitis (outside exacerbations);



violation of the copulative function;

benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma).


Acute prostatitis; exacerbation of chronic prostatitis; malignant neoplasm of the prostate and rectum; active tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis, prostate; acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis is based on three pillars:


Loss of any of these components, unfortunately, can eliminate a full recovery. Just set these treatments may lead to the desired effect, so you can not afford to neglect any of them.

So, feeling uncomfortable, the man turned to a specialist and he put his disappointing diagnosis – prostate. Man going to be treated, but does not want to present the procedures for an outsider, even a doctor. There is a way – it’s portable device MAVIT, created specifically for the treatment of chronic prostatitis at home.

What is important?

To date, MAVIT (ULP-01) is a unique, unparalleled physiotherapy unit. Application of the device, which uses a combined effect of three treatment factors (heat, magnetic field and vibration), allows for complex effects on the prostate gland and provides a stable, substantially more rapid therapeutic effect in treating diseases of the prostate (prostate).

MAVIT can buy anyone facing the problem of prostatitis and located in the search for options for treatment. The combined effects of medications, heat, magnetic field and the vibrating massage effect promotes rapid and complete treatment of prostatitis without any negative effect on the body. Through increased blood flow in the prostate gland, medical multiplies its effect and have exactly the effect that it needs.

Testimonials and monitoring of doctors show that after a few treatments using the MAVIT device men will get rid of pain, improve their urogenital, normal erection.

MAVIT is ideal for the prevention of prostatitis and stagnation in the prostate region. Indeed, any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure a long time. It not just prevents the development of disease, but also significantly improves sexual life, strengthen erections and increase virility.


Prostate massage is usually done by doctors at the hospital, that is, in addition to material costs, a male patient is experiencing emotional stress and mental discomfort, including discomfort from finger massage.

Those who do not know what finger massage, imagine clipping from one of medical sites: "Dizziness or syncope have been reported in less than 10% of patients during the first session of finger prostate massage. These conditions are usually caused by fear or anxiety and do not arise if done correctly, effectively massage the prostate. The patient is ready to massage the prostate, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the research table, legs apart to the width of 60 cm The doctor conducting the study, wearing gloves does on the index finger gel (in some situations the use of an anesthetic gel). Then with his free hand pushing the buttocks on the width, which allows index finger to palpate the anal sphincter. Typically, the response to touch – the contraction of muscles. After their relaxing doctor gently introduces the index finger in the rectal ampulla. "

Not always popular treatment of chronic prostatitis is a comfortable environment.

What is the difference finger prostate massage from the massage device MAVIT ? Prostate massage finger aimed at "squeezing" secretions from the prostate gland, its discharge of accumulated secretions. Prostate massage by MAVIT device, which includes three operating factors, leads to enhancement and restoration of blood flow in the prostate, because is more efficient in most cases.

MAVIT allows you to avoid the procedure finger prostate massage, which is not very pleasant for most men! Along with magnetic and thermal effects you spend prostate massage alone, without the help of outsiders.

With the help of MAVIT you can treat prostatitis at home!

How does MAVIT work?

This is a device that treats prostate simultaneous exposure to heat, magnetic field and vibratory. This combined use of methods of physiotherapy is most effective! In addition, heat-magnetic vibratory massage device MAVIT enhances the effects of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. As evidenced by numerous reviews of MAVIT.

During the procedure, the patient experiences a pleasant warmth and comfort, in addition, during the treatment indicated sedative effect: the voltage is replaced by peace, not leaving the patient within days after the procedure. The course of treatment should be repeated in 1-2 months.

Thus, with the advent of devices MAVIT have been resolved issues dosed physiotherapeutic factors directly on the prostate gland, which increases the effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. This is due to improved circulation and improved access of drugs into the prostate.

What is effect?

After treatment, the device reduces pain, improves urination, increased erection. Almost all patients reported comfort and high efficiency of procedures carried out on the device MAVIT.

Sleep Timer probe is needed because some patients who were treated MAVIT at home, just fell asleep during the procedure due to its analgesic and sedative effect. The direction of vibration of the probe is cross-axis, which has a more pronounced effect of massage of the prostate.

One more argument in MAVIT favor. Unlike many instruments and devices available on the market today, MAVIT does not require special knowledge and skills in dealing with them.

In addition, Elatomsky Enterprize submits it to America, the company "ALMAGIA International" have a serious long-term reputation, have full warranty. We will answer all questions from our patients, we will help if you have any problems.

To join the ranks of healthy men to live a healthy lifestyle! To restore the body to take about a year. Accelerate the process of combining a healthy lifestyle in applying the prostate massage device using.

Prostatitis – the name of the disease more often glimpsed in the pages of various publications, which offers various ways of treatment.

The problem of the prostatitis treatment is really worth attention. When inflammation of the prostate, along with discomfort, often quite tolerant, marked difficulty urinating, decreased sexual function, reproductive function is disturbed man. Prostatitis is often complicated by impotence and male infertility. Untimely appeal to the doctor very often leads to the fact that the disease becomes chronic. For the treatment of chronic prostatitis apply antibiotics, candles, spa microclysters, as well as hyperthermia (thermotherapy) in the form of swabs, tubes with hot water, microwave devices, magnetic therapy is also used by various fixed installations. Those who treated the prostate know that all procedures end with its classic massage. Massage is usually done by doctors at the hospital, ie in addition to material costs; a male patient is experiencing emotional stress and mental discomfort. In European countries, often massage in general is not conducted, although all urologists are aware that massage is the most effective treatment for this disease.

MAVIT helps patients resolve all treatments, including massage, and a very comfortable way. MAVIT application using three medical factors (heat, pulsed magnetic field and complex vibration) allows for a complex effect on prostate and provides a stable, substantially more rapid therapeutic effect in treating prostate diseases.

High therapeutic effect of combined physical impacts MAVIT associated with heat-stable over time, improve microcirculation in the prostate gland and surrounding tissue, anesthetizing effect of vibration factor and a pulsed magnetic field, removal of spasm and edema component accompanying inflammatory process in the prostate.

When combined treatment apparatus MAVIT treatment drugs increases the therapeutic effect of both. Complex application of a combination of three physical factors will shorten treatment, reduces the Number of drugs used by increasing their activity and can be prevented with minimal time and economic costs.

I can safely say that in the coming years MAVIT device returns to the normal life of tens of thousands of men.

Long-term clinical trials in leading clinics of Russia, Europe, China, India, Israel and Australia show excellent results. Side effects were not identified.

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