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Long term Catheter

I'm 74 and tired of getting up 2 o 3 time a night to urinate. Can I use a foley catheter with a shut off for daytime use.




Ron here...

You would still have the catheter inside you but could disconnect the attached bag and pee into the toilet. At night you would re-connect to the drain bag.

Problem is for long term use your penis may get irritated.

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Jan 28, 2016
Pete, I'd Give A Lot To Get Up 5 Times a Night To Pee Again!
by: ClaudeA

On November 19 I went to ER with a near-bursting bladder. The excruciating agony was not far away from ending my life with a broken bladder flooding my insides with urine. A catheter was placed.

About four days later, with my experience having urine blocking several times for up to four hours then just painful flow, I removed that first catheter. In three days without any substantial urine flow, again I returned to ER, my determined effort to pee again fruitless.

That second catheter, a 10CC balloon type, began slipping out, the balloon passing into my prostate. The 30CC one I now "wear" still slips a bit after exercise, but it's staying, so far.

It's pain-free so long as I eat lots of fresh, raw dark green leafies, lots of fruit, take the natural anti-microbial tincture of Collinsonia, Hydrastis, and Arctostaphios, and olive leaf extract, and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract to keep infection in control, and moderate exercise.

No intercourse! However, the little guy down there gets amazingly hard, and for hours at a time! NOT FUN!

In fact, the erections pulled the first anchor pad glued to my inner thigh off! Painful!

I did find an inexpensive anchor band that is comfy and far better support for the tube that gets tangled in the bed covers if I roll during sleep, kinks the catheter where it exits my penis, cutting flow off, and making for a painful bladder.

But, I do not have a solution for when the push-on tube attachment to the catheter connector comes off in my sleep, and the bed gets soaked with urine. Twice.

I have a plastic garbage bag under several towels which I lay on at night. Glad my wife died several years ago - I can't imagine her unpleasant sleep with me in this condition!

My Naturopathic Doctor prescribed several ejaculations a week. Imagine trying to achieve orgasm with a tube swinging from the end of your manhood.



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