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large prostate with requests not answered


i am a 76 year old male with a prostate issue. On 6/14 i went to the primary doc & most everything was aok except a high PSA OF 13.3,WHICH PROMPTED A UROLOGIST DOC. Upon seeing him he says must have a cystoscopy which showed a large amount of urine backed up into the bladder-had a ultrasound of the bladder which showed abnormalities-needed a button vaporization of the prostate to relieve the backed up scenario which was causing leakage at nighttime & wetting the bed big time-had to wear the DEPEND UNITS AT NIGHT, BUT STILL WAS SOAKING WET IN THE AM.

Therefore I had this surgery done on 9/14 & wore a catheter for 5 days in which i thought i was going off the deep end. Bottom line is that i now can pee with ease most of the time & do not leak a drop of urine whatsoever.

After a routine visit 4 months later in 1/15 my psa dropped to 10.3 which was good to hear, but this surgery that was done was not cure any possibility of prostate cancer. The report came back & said I had a trace of it & would most likely just leave it be. The DRE exam went very well that visit & was told it felt smooth & smaller. The most recent psa was 12.9 or slightly higher in which i saw the UR doc on 5/19. He said to me in layman's terms i do not know if you actually have cancer of the prostate. He opted for the biopsy & I reneged immediately.

He then said,ok then we will do a non invasive MRI of the prostate. Am so confused of all the ups & downs. Have been through living worry since i became involved. Please do not get me wrong, this UR doc has helped me as i do not retain the urine anymore in the bladder. I can empty quite good.

I am as mentioned 76 years of age. I am 5 feet 10 or 11 inches tall & weight in at 165 lbs & in somewhat reasonable good health. PLEASE ADVISE IF I AM DOING THIS IN THE CORRECT FASHION.


Ron here...

I am not a doctor so cannot give medical advice.

Most men will have some trace of cancer in their prostate as we get into our senior years. Doing interventions at that age is rarely worth doing. Watchful waiting is what docs will usually do.

I would use that as an opportunity to do all I could to improve all aspects of my diet and health. We can all do better. That way you can forget about your worries.

Read my book on Prostate Cancer Diet to learn about the causes and what to do to optimize your health for many more happy years of life!

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