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Issues with prostate symptoms and defecation

by aldred Ortega
(massapequa ny )

I have problems with emptying my bladder , I drink a lot of water, but there are times when I urinate for 1 min and then I didn't finish that. so , I wait and there a weak stream of urine. Then, another minute, and more of this weak stream urine, also lots of leaking.
The problem with defecation is that I push so I can defecate somehow my body sees it as sexual thing that is defecating , the feeling inside and out of the anus. I know this sounds strange and a bit humiliating , but if one really wants to get better , one needs to be honest...

( the symptoms resemble prostatitis) Inability to empty bladder , and a constant urge to urinate, The pee is a weak stream to the point i need to think of sex so as to urinate, My other problem is defecating. I can't do it if i don't push and I also out of desperation think of sexual things so as to defecate faster.


Ron here,

Sounds like you should see a doctor so you can understand what's going on better.

Then I would make changes to my diet and lifestyle as I describe in my books.

When you have a prostate problem you can be very sensitive to foods, bodycare products and more. They can make a prostate problem much worse.

It is time to learn all you can about causes, make changes, and improve your health. But first find out from your doctor what is going on.

Comments for Issues with prostate symptoms and defecation

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Oct 06, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Maureen Buckridge

Hi! Thanks for your site!
May I share with your article on my blog Scary Halloween Costumes with a link for you as an author?

Thanks for answering!

Jun 03, 2015
swallen rectum/anus NEW
by: Anonymousdan

Hi ron dan again i found out that after using the prostate masager my anus was swallen shot i coulnt pass gas or go to the bathroom it wsnt constipacion like i thought now my question is there anything over the counter i cant take to help with the swelling and stifnes in my rectum?

May 10, 2015
Homeopathic cure NEW
by: Rana Nizami

Please take Berberis Vul. 30 5 drops after breakfast and Sabal Surrlata 30 5 drops before dinner and I can assure you that your problem will be solved with in a week time. You may buy these medicines 1 dram each in liquid form online from anywhere and these medicines have no side effects. You may check online on side effects.

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