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Is There Any Benefit For Prostate Issues Using Immutol or Other Bet a Glucan?

by Claude Armstrong
(Lakewood, Washington)

I'm 99% certain my prostate reacted to omega 6 in sunflower oil after I switched from olive oil. The past similar but far shorter prostate urine blocks were after eating a bag of sunflower seed.

That said, from the merits of Beta Glucan it appears that many immune disorders - prostate issues are all relative to immune responses in the prostate to irritating issues and chemicals - is there any effective indication that Beta Glucan can and does aid the prostate to regain both health and youthful adaptation to irritating situations?

What harm might there be using the yeast-derived form v.s. the mushroom-derived ones?


Ron here...

Beta glucan can be beneficial as can many other supplements...


Any amazing supplement or food may or may not be beneficial to you. The only way to know is to do Personal Testing as I have written on this site and in my books.

Right now, I am not able to take any supplement without a negative reaction. Sometimes one or 2 are Ok but it changes with time as your body gets what it needs from them.

When you get better at testing you will be able to test an item without the bottle being opened, and even from an image of the capsules or the bottle. I have done this many times, thus saving a fortune on not buying what appears to be a great supp only to find after buying that I react to it.

You can be skeptical if you want. But I have proven countless times how often this works.

To me personal testing is just a way to access your body's inner knowing of what is bio-compatible for you.

So it makes no difference what version of beta glucan you use, as long as you get a yes and continue to as you use it. But you may also get a no for both versions.

There is no food or supplement that is good for everyone all the time. Testing is the only way to know quickly and easily.

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