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Insertion Problems

by George Cole
(Burien, Wa)

I am beginning this journey of intermittent catheter usage. I have had problems that have ended me up in the emergency. I have had some success but at times it seems like there is a blockage and I can't go in any further. I wait and try again but end up with blood on the end of the catheter and in pain. I just read your tips and am going to try the twisting technique. Any other advice would be appreciated. I am using a NoFric caude size 14 catheter. I know that I do not really have a blockage because I have been able to do the insertion smoothly. The last time I was able to do it three times in on day. Then in the morning I had a problem. Also when I went to my doctor to have the permanent catheter put in he had no problem. Soon I will be trying to use the intermittent catheters again. I want to do everything I can to put myself in a position to succeed. As you know plan B when not successful is not much fun.
I expect you will have some insight after reading what you have posted. Thanks for the good work.
George Cole


Ron here...

No fun, but here's some tips:

1. You may have to use a 16 size... sometimes bigger helps open the channel, or sometimes you need to go smaller to a 12 size, and it just might slip through. They probably used a 16 at emergency.

2. there are 2 sphincters to get through: the first is the entrance to the prostate and a coude should help... looks like you tried that. But maybe a straight one would be worth a try. The bladder sphincter is your second one, if you got through the first.

Both require gentle twisting, knocking at the door, and somehow trying to relax (which can be hard to do when in pain) but can help.

A little bit of blood spotting is not a problem at all, so not to worry about that.

Coughing at the sphincter and then at same time gently pushing may hep as well.

Lastly, trying to avoid a prostate attack is the long term best solution. To do that you must learn to do Personal Testing of every food, supplement, water, even bodycare. Many things can unknowingly trigger an attack. Read up on that page on my site or get my latest book on The Single Most Important Health Secret.

Countless times I have avoided attacks or when I forgot to test was able to find the culprit.

Good luck to you.

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