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INFECTION FROM CYTOSCOPY/I have yr book, would like newsletter

by Dave
(White Rock BC)

I had taken beta sitosterol for years and my symptoms varied good days and bad, I sort of thought of my typical BPH symptoms as manageable never totally blocked, some days almost "normal". Then the blood in the urine and off to the uro. Cytoscopy discovered 15 mm bladder stone. Uro decided to do CTscan which occurred about a week after cyto and showed "mass" on kidney. I was told I probably had renal carcinoma. Abt. 2 weeks after cystoscopy I admitted myself to emergency where I was told I had the worst UTI the attending physician had seen they tell you tiny chance of infection from cyto-do not believe this, see doctor if you do not feel better after several days; ultrasound next did not confirm cancer diagnosis, booked for MRI which happened months later. Last diagnosis on that front was that kidney "mass" was from infection. All that time urinalysis showing enteroccus faecalis which did not respond to 2 diff antibiotics best relief from 4 herbal mixtures I received from my local TCM provider. 8 months after first blood the calcium oxalate I had to "bother them" to make sure they sent stone bits for analysis bladder stone was removed I refused to have the TURP at the same time, which of course makes me a non-compliant patient. I have changed my diet considerably I know I have a long way to go to get it right], am hydrating way more nothing but as much warm lemon water as I can take but I think I still have the infection. Acupuncture and TCM herbs are helping overall symptoms but very slowly Uro was hesitant abt further urinalysis and just keeps hammering the surgery theme. Both physician and uro said infection could not be treated "successfully" as long as stone was there, after stone removal the story is changing, now with it gone maybe it won't go away until after the TURP, my inner debate is should I have the urinalysis now I think yes, if it's positive, should I do one more round of ampicillin I think yes, what should I do if the antibiotics don't change the symptomology? I have read that up to 50% of enterococcus faecalis are antibiotic resistant-docs say they don't believe it was hospital induced-that will never be answered- but I am in a huge limbo between allopathic and non because I would rather stick to a more natural path but keep reading that chronic infections breed cancer so think I should maybe know what's going on in the bacteria department first! Thank you very very much for the huge efforts you have made with your research/writing to the cause of male body awareness!


Ron here...

I am not a doctor and what you describe is a medical condition.

Only you can decide which way to go.

If you have an excellent naturopath you could make your decision in conjunction with him or her.

Sometimes for emergencies western medicine is the appropriate response. If it can get you over the crisis then you have the future to optimize all aspects of your life from a natural health approach. Then you can study and learn what changes you need to make to move forward.

It is not easy to go through what you have described. A positive emotional outlook will help you "weather the storm".

Best of luck and hope soon you can recover your health.

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