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I was miserable with bladder that would not empty: enlarged prostate

by David
(Fort Lauderdale Fl)

I have been to a urologist that was very sarcastic about my bladder issue and only offered flomax and another drug,

I explained to him one day I went to Chinese dinner before going to a stage production, at dinner I drank green tea. During the production I felt that I had to go, and left the show to go to the mens room, hoping it to be empty because I cannot relieve myself in front of others, my penis is shy. I was unable to go no matter how hard I tried.

Five hours later I was home and about exploded, I was finally able to go. The urologist suggested I do not drink an hour before going to a show. What a stupid answer was that! I found I could buy catheters on line and relief finally as now I no longer have the pain of full badder.

I will buy out of pocket if necessary to be able to be comfortable, ( I am on medicare and understand they pay for them) but if not I will buy them myself. I now have little respect for urologist that apparently knew the answer but did not want to offer it. He had an ultrasound done on me and I was told I had an enlarged thoughts....duh!


Ron here...

Catheters and knowing how to use them can be a wonderful tool for self use.

The bigger issue is how to deal with the causes of the prostate problem.

You can learn more here:

3D Prostate Clinic

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