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I suffered from weak orgasms/ejaculation for 5 years. I think it's because of my prostate?

by Michael

My orgasms have been weak and unsatisfying for quite some time now. I also have premature ejaculation on top of that. I don't feel that much pleasure when I masturbate or engage in sexual activities anymore. I remember when I used to climax, it would feel really good and satisfying. Now when I have an orgasm, whether its through masturbation or sex, it's not that satisfying anymore. The orgasmic contractions aren't that strong and it ends fast.

This started happening after I experimented with having anal sex (on the receiving end). I was bi-curious at the time and I've experimented with several people. I got hurt one day and I stopped after that. But after I started experiencing trouble with urination, and then urinating often, and then painful ejaculatiions. After a while, the urination problems went away, but then I started noticing my orgasm contractions were weaker and not satisfying.

Its been 5 years now and I still have these weak orgasms. I went to several doctors and they don't know why I have it and one of them said it could be chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Which I'm now starting to believe. And I think it's because of the anal sex that caused me to have prostatitis which led me to having weak orgasms.

Now I'm trying to find a way to cure this and regain my normal/strong orgasms again. And I think the way to do that is to cleanse my prostate.

Do you think its because of the hidden bacteria from the prostatitis that is trapped in my prostate that is causing these weak orgasms/ejaculation response?

Or do you think its because I had anal sex which caused my PC muscle to get weaker which subsequently caused my contractions to be weaker?

If so, do you think prostate massage will help treat and possibly cure this condition?

Tired of living with this condition.


Ron here...

Sounds like you have a prostatitis condition.

Prostate massage may help and it may not as infection inside the prostate is difficult to remove.

The best clinic for this problem is here...


Comments for I suffered from weak orgasms/ejaculation for 5 years. I think it's because of my prostate?

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Jul 01, 2016
never been down that road, but try this exercise
by: Louie

Try to build up the muscle by tighten you butt cheeks and holding. I think its called the Keogh
exercise. Takes time

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